CNN’s Jim Acosta Complains that Reporters Attending Today’s Briefing Must Be Tested for Coronavirus

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta complained today about the fact reporters covering the coronavirus task force briefings have to be tested for the coronavirus.

Via CNN:

ACOSTA: “The White House is having all of the reporters covering this briefing today undergo a coronavirus test. I just had mine a short while ago, they gave me this fact sheet before giving me the test. We have not gotten the results back and so the briefing for this reason, I believe, has been pushed to 6 o’clock, could be pushed later as we’re all waiting for these results to come back in. But Wolf, the fact that we’re getting a test doesn’t really sit very well when we know so many Americans out there who need a test can’t get one. Wolf?

BLITZER: “That’s an important point, too. Jim Acosta, thank you very much.”

Apparently Jim Acosta is as dense as a rock so I’ll explain it for him.

You’re going to a briefing with the President of the United States of America. President Trump has to stay healthy so he can lead during this coronavirus crisis.

So therefore you get a test before going to a meeting with the President to help ensure he doesn’t get sick.

You would think Jim Acosta would be smart enough to know that, but who are we kidding. He’s not.

Maybe since he’s not smart enough to figure that out he shouldn’t be anywhere near the President.

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