BREAKING: Democrat Politicians Could Order The Cancellation Of The Republican National Convention


North Carolina Democrats could cancel the Republican National Convention in August and blame it on the coronavirus pandemic.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and Gov. Roy Cooper will have considerable say over whether to allow the RNC’s convention to take place in the city Aug. 24-27.

If they continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines, then it’s likely they will order the event shuttered, which would no doubt draw the ire of President Trump and Republicans in general.

Canceling the event would be unprecedented, but may also be in line with virus-related health guidelines they currently have in place in the city and around the state.

Republicans, as well as the president, have publicly expressed confidence that the convention can still be held, which is expected to draw 50,000 party delegates, guests, and media from around the country.

However, like most aspects of American life, the convention could also be upended by the extreme isolation policies enacted due to coronavirus.

The Democrat Party announced last week it would postpone its nominating convention by a month, to mid-August. The DNC’s convention is scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, Wis., and does not face a similar cancellation threat since Gov. Tony Evers and Mayor Tom Barrett are both Democrats.

But Trump isn’t buying it!

“We’re having the convention at the end of August, and we think by the end of August we’re going to be in great shape. It’s going to be in North Carolina, Charlotte, and I think we’re going to have a great convention,” the president said during a White House press briefing over the weekend.

He told Fox News host Sean Hannity a week earlier that there was “no way” he would cancel the RNC’s convention.

Only time will tell…

For more information about COVID-19 click here.

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