Democrat State Rep. Loses Her Mind And Calls For President Trump To Be Tried At International Criminal Court


A Democratic state representative in Ohio said she “can’t take it anymore” and vowed to refer President Trump to the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity” over Trump’s promotion of a drug that has not been conclusively proven to fight the coronavirus, Fox News reports.

State Rep. Tavia Galonski tweeted Sunday after President Trump spoke about hydroxychloroquine at his daily press briefing. The drug, normally used to treat malaria, is one of several that the president has pointed to as showing promise in the fight against COVID-19, but its effectiveness has been a subject of debate.

“I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been to The Hague. I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow,” Galonski said. “Today’s press conference was the last straw. I know the need for a prosecution referral when I see one.”  [Emphasis mine]

This is more Democratic trash that needs to be shut down and shut down right now. Politics should be set aside during a national emergency and those who cannot be unified for the citizens need to be removed from office.  After the emergency situation is over, then go back to the political feeding trough and let them go at each other all they want.

Clearly, this impulsive publicity stunt by a Trump hater comes without the prior blessing from higher Democrat powers-that-be since she is also begging on social media for suitably deranged legal help, BizPac Review reports.

“I need every lawyer that ever did any work on the international level to contact me at immediately,” she pleaded. “When we worked on international custody cases we had a cadre of lawyers working on the case. Suit up!”

If nothing else, Galonski’s tweets have fired up a number of other TDS sufferers who are thinking this is actually a legitimate call to action, in effect representing another way to attack their nemesis in the White House.

We can not afford to sit idle and watch the world lose their collective minds and the Democrats lash out all the while we the people hide in our homes because of fear and regulations.

Either way- this lady has lost her freaking mind.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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