Ocasio-Cortez Is Back In The News- Trashes America As A “Brutal Barbarian Society” On Social Media

Dino Porrazzo at Right Wing Tribune

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told followers during a live video online that the COVID-19 outbreak has proven that America is a “brutal, barbarian society” for the “vast majority of working-class Americans,” USA FEATURES NEWS reports.

The New York democratic socialist was discussing policies she would like Congress to adopt, including canceling rent payments and allowing the government to completely take over health care.

Without such changes, the U.S. would remain a “barbarian society,” she claimed.

“Healthcare is a human right. You shouldn’t get better healthcare because you have a higher position in work. Everyone should be able to have dignified access to healthcare,” she said.

“This is supposed to be the richest society in the world,” she said. “And I think what this crisis is showing us is that this is only a rich society for a very small amount of people. And it is a brutal, barbarian society for the vast majority of working-class Americans.”

Right Wing Tribune reported that the Senate unanimously approved of the historic coronavirus emergency relief measure on Wednesday evening after days of partisan battles. As many Republican leaders have stated, the passed bill remains virtually the same as the original bill Democrats rejected on Sunday. It provides aid for small businesses, creates a lending aid program, and delivers cash assistance directly into the pockets of American citizens.

The bill will provide most American adults with $1,200, $500 of which is for most children. Ocasio-Cortez, however, is taking issue with the stipulations — specifically, the requirement of a Social Security number.

I know she is America’s favorite lunatic but when she starts to focus she can put together a semi-rant that Democrats pay attention too.  Our nation is currently in crisis emergency mode, we do not and should never throw money around to the illegals in our nation.

In reality, the emergency bill is loaded with funds that the Democrats are using to give themselves pay raises, kick backs to corporations, funding their pet projects and all sorts of other pathetic greed.  All this while American’s are suffering, passing away, suffering financially and scared to death about the virus and how they are supposed to put food on the table.

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