Mueller Knew Don Jr. Was Innocent All Along And That Russian Efforts Were Intended to Favor Hillary Clinton [Opinion]

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Opinion| Lawrence David| As we continue our efforts to define the enemy within, it’s important that we remember the importance that Democrats, their government operatives, and their media apparatchiks attached to the meeting in Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lobbyist Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of professional legal hitmen promoted that meeting as proof of Trump-Russia collusion. Sadly, the anti-Trump media repeated the false allegations… in their endless drive to inflict political damage on President Trump.

This, despite the fact that the FBI knew that the meeting was nothing more than an innocuous discussion about the Magnitsky act.

(Politico) According to the transcript of an interview with Anatoli Samochornov, a onetime [sic] State Department translator who attended the Trump Tower meeting as an interpreter, no one present discussed the release of “hacked emails” to the Trump campaign.

Samochornov also said there was no discussion of the dissemination of fake news to aid the Trump campaign or the prospect of hacking voter registration systems — two tactics that intelligence agencies say were part of the Kremlin’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 election. In fact, Samochornov said there was no discussion “of anything that might reasonably be considered collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.”

Mueller’s hitmen learned of Samochornov’s testimony, on July 12, 2017, a few days after the media charged Don Jr. of colluding with Russians to acquire dirt on his father’s opponent.

Robert Mueller’s final report portrays Anatoli Samochornov’s testimony as being of little consequence.

Team Mueller lied.

According to recently released FBI memos, nearly everything Samochorov told investigators was exculpatory to, both, the president’s campaign and to Don Jr.

But it gets worse….

Samochornov told investigators he had been offered $90,000 by the Russians if he supported the story of Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskya.

Despite this knowledge, the FBI continued pushing the narrative that Donald Trump Jr. was lying to Hillary Clinton’s bootlicking media.

Trump Jr. had told investigators that the 15-minute meeting was little more than a Russian lobbying campaign to change the Magnitsky Act that governs adoption practices meant to enforce U.S. human rights laws that had been used to punish Russia, as well as, other foreign bad actors.

The recently released FBI 302 report of its interview of Samochornov stated: that although he was not particularly fond of Donald Trump Jr., the younger Trump’s account of his meeting with Veselnitskya was accurate.

“There was no smoking gun, according to Samochornov. There was not a discussion about dirt on Hillary Clinton. Samochornov did not think Hillary Clinton was mentioned by name at the meeting. Samochornov had not heard Veselnitskya say anything about having ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton. Veselnitskya did not offer any materials during the meeting and no papers were exchanged.” – From the FBI 302 Report

Mueller must be made to answer why this exculpatory information was omitted from his report.

The FBI must be made to answer why it took a Freedom of Information act to release information that exonerated President Trump’s son.

The fake news media must be made to answer why it has failed to correct its own record of misleading reporting and instead doubled down on the Russian collusion hoax.

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