Army Asking Veterans To Lace Up And Return To Active Duty In Response To Covid-19


The Army has a message for its retirees: Uncle Sam wants you to help fight the novel coronavirus.

A message sent by Defense Finance and Accounting Services, which processes and dispenses retiree pay, asked troops who had previously served in specific health care specialties to consider “re-joining the team” to address the current pandemic crisis. It’s signed by Lt. Gen. Thomas Seamands, deputy chief of staff for U.S. Army Personnel, G-1.

“We need to hear from you STAT!” reads the message, obtained by

The military knows it can count on veterans that are healthy and still able to lace up to step up if we are needed.  The following list is what they have released so far for call backs:

  • 60F: Critical Care Officer
  • 60N: Anesthesiologist
  • 66F: Nurse Anesthetist
  • 66S: Critical Care Nurse
  • 66P: Nurse Practitioner
  • 66T: ER Nurse
  • 68V: Respiratory Specialist
  • 68W: Medic

Interested retirees can contact Human Resources Command, Reserve Personnel Management Directorate, at or call 502-613-4911.

In times such as we face now, we have to choose how we respond to what life is throwing at us and that means having a clear head and understanding the different aspects of the virus.  Everyone considering going back has to make the choice to stay home and protect loved ones or decide their loved ones are as protected as we can get them and to step forward and lace back up.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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God Bless.

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