Adam Schiff Gets Called A “Sociopath” From Co Founder Of Major News Publication For What He Did To Carter Page

‘He’s a sociopath’ – The Intercept co-founder rips Adam Schiff for showing no remorse for wrongly accusing Carter Page

Schiff is exactly the kind of lawmaker our founders warned us about…

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Any fair-minded American knows that the ranking elements of the FBI, Justice Department, and intelligence community went ‘rogue’ under the guise and approval of President Barack Obama to go after the 2016 Trump campaign and prevent The Donald from winning the White House.

Many of those same people also worked to undermine President Trump after he took office. The reporting and the documentation of events all support those contentions.

The way Trump has been treated was not unlike the way John F. Kennedy was treated by the “deep state” (yes, it existed back then, too) when he first came into office.

What’s also true is that in this process of undermining a rival political party’s presidential nominee (and president), some members of Trump’s campaign were caught up in the process.

One of the most abused, aside from Michael Flynn, was Carter Page, a former CIA asset who was spied on for nearly a year by FBI agents and Justice Department officials who knew he wasn’t guilty of “colluding” with Russia, nor was the president.

Last week, House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) who is up to his pencil neck in helping perpetuate the “Russian collusion” lies and distortions — including those against Page — was asked if he felt any remorse for what these rogue elements have put the former Trump campaign volunteer through.

In a word, Schiff said ‘no,’ then lied even more about Page.


“Do you have any sympathy for Carter Page?” Hoover asked.

“I have to say, you know, Carter Page came before our committee and for hours of his testimony, denied things that we knew were true, later had to admit them during his testimony,” Schiff responded. “It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn’t honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath. It’s also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin.”

What an incredible liar.

But even some Left-wing journalists think so, too. In fact, the co-founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald — who has been a frequent critic of the garbage American media’s perpetuation of the Russian collusion hoax — believes that Pencil Neck has a couple mental problems, and said so in a tweet.

“If you don’t feel sympathy for someone who was wrongly smeared for years as being a traitor, and who was spied on by his own government due to FBI lying & subterfuge, then you’re not only unqualified to wield power but probably also a sociopath.

In other words: Adam Schiff.”

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