Man Wearing Hazmat Suit Storms Wal-Mart, Begins Spraying Items with Unknown Substance

By G. McConway at Right Wing News Hour

Late night in Las Vegas is always interesting, but things got just a bit weirder Saturday night.

According to local reports, a man walked into a Las Vegas Walmart late at night in a hazmat suit and started spraying down products at random.

What the?

Shoppers in the store immediately panicked, not having any idea what the man was spraying around the store.

There was no rhyme or reason to what he was doing, either, as he just seemed to be spraying random areas inside the Walmart.

“He had some clear liquid in it with the painter’s tape, something written on it,” one witness said. “He was just spraying unnecessary things and peoples’ person spaces, on conveyor belts, and worst of all, by the fresh foods.”

One shopper was quick on his toes, though, and he followed the man outside to this car.

When authorities arrived, the shopper turned over the license plate number to the police.

Police were able to track the man down from that tip and they do have him in custody.

The substance is still unknown at this point, but it was described as a clear liquid.

Authorities were working to identify the substance.

Local police stated that more than a dozen people had come into contact with the substance, but nobody was as of yet showing any unusual reaction to it.

Officer OcampoGomez stated, “We are very thankful to the individuals who were able to see something and say something. It was because of them that we have [a] suspect in custody.”

The officer would go on to tell people to stop panic buying, as there are plenty of supplies in stock.

He stated, “One of the things we want to urge the public is that we know that there’s a difficult time going on with the world right now [because of COVID-19].

“But there is no reason for you guys to be going into the stores late at night and hoarding some of the supplies, due to the fact that there are plenty of supplies left in stores at this point. ”

Authorities around the country are sending the same message as well as keeping those most susceptible to the virus in your thoughts when shopping.

If you have an elderly person nearby, offer to do their shopping for them as well as giving way to them at the grocery store.

Stay safe patriots.

This article originally appeared at Right Wing News Hour and was republished with permission.

*Some edits have been made.

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God Bless.

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