BREAKING: Iran Launches A “Barrage Of Rockets” After America Retaliates To Bombing Of Base That Killed 2 American Soldiers


A barrage of rockets hit a base housing U.S. and other coalition troops north of Baghdad, Iraqi security officials said Saturday, just days after an attack killed three servicemen, including two Americans.

It’s the same base where 2 Americans and a British Army medic were killed in a rocket attack Wednesday prompting US airstrikes on Iranian-backed forces blamed for the attack, Fox News reports.

Five people were wounded in the attack including three coalition members and two Iraqi soldiers, according to spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition Myles Caggins. The nationalities of the wounded coalition members was not immediately known, ABC reports.

The officials said over a dozen rockets landed inside the base, some struck the coalition quarters while others fell on a runway used by Iraqi forces.

The United States responded to the initial attack, U.S. officials said multiple strikes by U.S. fighter jets hit five locations and mainly targeted Kataib Hezbollah weapons facilities inside Iraq. A Defense Department statement said the strikes targeted five weapons storage facilities “to significantly degrade their ability to conduct future attacks.”

It appears Iran refuses to grasp the concept that if they slap the United States then we will answer back with kinetic force and precision.  The situation has been on-going and escalating, but the virus has taken up most of the media all the while rockets keep popping off.

As ABC pointed out, the attack was unusual because it occured during the day. Previous assaults on military bases housing U.S. troops typically occurred overnight.

Now that Iran has struck again, the United States will respond and we will be covering it as information is released.  Keep our soldiers in your prayers and never forget they are on the front, laced up and ready to eat.

The Pentagon identified the service members as Army Spc. Juan Miguel Mendez Covarrubias, 27, of Hanford, Calif., and Air Force Staff Sgt. Marshal D. Roberts, 28, of Owasso, Okla.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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God Bless.

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