BREAKING: ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Is On The Search For Man Who Threatened To Kill President Trump



Yesterday we reported that Federal law enforcement is intensifying the search for a Pennsylvania man who allegedly said he wanted to “put a bullet” in President Trump’s head.

Authorities found an abandoned truck in Mansfield, Ohio, last weekend that they believe was stolen by fugitive Shawn Richard Christy, 26, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Authorities have offered a $20,000 bounty for information leading to the capture of Christy.

Authorities are searching for a Pennsylvania man wanted for threatening President Donald Trump and other elected officials.

Well, now  is reporting that none other than “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is joining the manhunt!

“Dog the Bounty Hunter,” whose name is Duane Chapman, told the Mansfield News Journal he was joining the search for Shawn Richard Christy, 26, a Pennsylvania man who allegedly threatened the commander in chief.

The FBI, Secret Service and U.S. Marshals are trying to track down 27-year-old Shawn Richard Christy, who has several warrants out for his arrest in Pennsylvania for burglary, violating probation and failure to appear for an aggravated assault case.

Officials said a federal warrant was issued for Christy on June 19 after he made threats on Facebook against the district attorney in Northampton County in Pennsylvania. The Facebook post stated, “Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump.”

 U.S. Marshals Service said Christy has also threatened to use “full lethal force on any law enforcement officer that tries to detain me.”

Christy is described as a white male with a light complexion standing 5-feet-10 inches tall and weighs around 160 pounds. He has a tattoo of a cross on his right upper arm, and has short dark blonde hair and a full beard. He speaks with a noticeable lisp and claims to be a survivalist.

Chapman told the media outlet from his home in Hawaii that he had a “very hot lead” on Christy’s location.

“I have delivered messages to him,” he continued. “My goal is not to shoot him but get him to surrender.”

The reality television star told the media outlet he was slated to arrive in Mansfield, Ohio, on Sept. 27. He was originally planning on visiting the area to host a town hall meeting on “Addiction and How to Find Your Road to Redemption.”

Chapman said he hoped he can help with the search and “bring him in peacefully.”

The search, which now involves the U.S. Marshals Service, the FBI, and the Secret Service has spanned several states and as far north as Canada. Clark said Christy has stolen supplies and at least six vehicles and lived in wooded areas to evade authorities.

Anyone with information about Christy is asked to call 911 immediately or the U.S. Marshals at 1-877-Wanted-2 (1-877-926-8332).



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