AG Bill Barr To Deliver ‘Evidence’ Proving DS Plot Against Pres Trump Says CNN Contributor Woodward’s Sources

By HJIC at ILLICIT INFO Opinion Blog

Mark Sidney’s Point Of View – For as long as we have been writing, we have been speculating that there is a power structure in our government, which is working against the duly elected President and trying to ‘take him out.’

As of now, as far as we know, these efforts have been covert acts of sabotage and these players have not attempted a physical removal of our President via an assassination attempt.

As I wrote yesterday, it seems to me that Trump has run out of ‘you know what’s’ to give.  When I see Trump now, I see a man who has finally realized that he is in a fight to the proverbial death for his Presidency, and our nation.  Period, full stop.

With impeachment looming, Trump is seemingly on the warpath, finally ready to fire both barrels (metaphorically speaking.) . Remember, Trump is still yet to declass any ‘Spygate’ files.  Files which we have long speculated will be the end for many corrupt actors who were involved in, what we believe to be, a coup attempt against Trump.

After nearly 3 years, it appears that we are on the verge of the ‘counter puncher,’ which Trump has always claimed to be, coming of his corner swinging.  The reports are that AG Barr may be one fighting, back to back with Trump in the trenches, exposing the allegedly rampant corruption and election interference carried out by the Obama Admin and their pals in the DS.

“Barr is trying to deliver — and I have this, as do other reporters from other sources — to deliver evidence that perhaps this has all been a deep state conspiracy as Donald Trump alleges,” claims CNN’s political analyst Carl Bernstein, who was one of the people who helped to uncover the infamous Watergate scandal.  He slipped that in there, burying the lede 2 mins into his trashing of Trump and, in my view, misrepresentation of the facts.

Western Journal  continues, explaining their opinion:

The recent “whistleblower” complaint, like the fault-ridden Steele dossier before it, has been accused of being nothing more than part of the leftist establishment’s plot to depose President Donald Trump.

So far, it appears the whistleblower complaint is not the bulletproof accusation Democrats and some Republicans seem to think it is.

The complaint, written by someone who admits they were “not a direct witness” to much of what is contained in it, was a bombshell when it was publicly released earlier this week.

I know the beginning is more DS BS, but keep listening as at the 2 min mark the bomb is dropped:

It has been widely reported that the alleged ‘whistleblower’, who admittedly has no first hand knowledge of the conversation, also ‘may have had’ “political bias” against Trump.  If this is so, it’s plausible that this was all an effort to sabotage Trump for political reasons, ironically, the exact same thing Trump is being accused of doing to Biden.  See how that works?  PROJECTION 101.

WJ went on to opine:

If that’s not enough to hint at a deep state effort to take down Trump, just look at who helped the whistleblower.

The attorney representing and assisting the whistleblower once worked for both Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and former first lady/senator/secretary of state/failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The same lawyer works for a group called Whistleblower Aid, an organization formed during Trump’s presidency that seeks to assist those wanting to speak out against the government. The group has previously placed targeted ads outside of the White House, the Pentagon and other government buildings.

Diamond and Silk Added:

The belief that there are “deep state” operatives within the Trump administration was previously visited when thousands of text messages from FBI official Peter Strzok and his adulterer, FBI attorney Lisa Page (which showed anti-Trump rhetoric) were publicly released.

I do not pretend to know what will happen next, but what I am confident of is that it will shake Washington, and this nation to its core, no matter which way it turns out … Stay tuned for more.

This article originally appeared at ILLICIT INFO Opinion Blog and was republished with permission.

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