At Fox Townhall Bernie Sanders Admits: Healthcare Isn’t Free

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

2020 hopeful and socialist in chief Bernie Sanders just made a stunning admission, at least to his most raving fans, healthcare isn’t free.


YouTube video courtesy of  The Federalist Papers Project

Partial transcript:

MACCALLUM: “I think everybody is in agreement that health care needs to be fixed in this country, the question is how. And my question to you was, it will drive up taxes to pay for health care, and not just the wealthy will pay for that, the middle class will also pay for it.”

SANDERS: “Very good.”

MACCALLUM: “So how do you justify it?”

SANDERS: “Martha, what are you not including in your discussion?”

MACCALLUM: “You tell me.”

SANDERS: “I will tell you. You’re not going to pay any health insurance premiums.”

(Cheers and applause)

MACCALLUM: “You’re going to pay one way or the other.”

SANDERS: “But look, Martha — Martha — “

MACCALLUM: “Whether it’s in your income tax or your payroll tax, you’re going to pay.”

SANDERS: “Look, health care is not free.”

MACCALLUM: “Of course not. You just said it was going to be free for everyone.”

SANDERS: “It’s going to be free at the point of when you use it, okay? And you go to — why are you so shocked by this?”

MACCALLUM: “Because someone’s going to pay.”

SANDERS: “Somebody is going to pay.”

MACCALLUM: “Who are they?”

God Bless.

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