Developing: The Democrats Are Screwed, Trump Just Got The Best News Possible With Joe Biden’s Resurgence

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Opinion| Lawrence David |Former Vice President Joe Biden’s return from the dead should not be viewed as good news for his party.

Biden’s emergence from a deeply flawed candidate pool was considered the least intolerable choice by the “Club” that runs the Democrat National Corporation.

Forced to choose between an arrogant oligarch (Mike Bloomberg) and an aging Communist (Bernie Sanders), the kingmakers running the Democrat/Media conglomerate threw all of the party’s weight behind Joe Biden.

Take a moment to realize what this means.

Biden had run for the party’s nomination multiple times in the past and never, not even once, had he one even a single primary.

So what changed? Easy answer… the party changed. It has run itself off the rails victimized by its own control over the education system that has been turning out young socialists at an alarming rate and its illogical support for illegal aliens.

While we believe that is exactly where the party was always heading, their incremental move in that direction was upset by Bernie Sanders whose personal clock is ticking forcing him to make the move towards full blown Marxism before the American people were ready.

Sanders should not be blamed for this. He is who he is. The voters of Vermont and the Democrats who allowed him to caucus with them shoulder the blame.

So the power brokers that run the Democrat National Corporation strongly suggested to Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to end their campaigns prior to Stupor Tuesday so their supporters would coalesce around Biden.

No such “request” was made to Elizabeth Warren because the likely landing spot for her supporters was Bernie.

So what is the party left with?

A party that only a year ago tried invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, in an effort to remove President Trump, they are left promoting a candidate who appears to have significant cognitive impairment.

Biden has been showing signs that he is not capable of the rigorous mental stress the presidency demands, for some time now. In today’s video archived age his “gaffs” – lies? – aren’t going away.

While everyone is having fun with Biden’s gaffes, last night he confused his wife and sister, other ‘misstatements’ are particularly troubling and indicative of diminishing brain function… or that the 77-year-old former vice president is a liar.

(Bloomberg) Joe Biden said he was vice president when the deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, took place. Except, it happened in 2018, more than a year after he left office…

(Hannity) Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign tour of South Carolina this week; telling the crowd he worked with Chinese dictator Deng Xiaoping on the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

Xiaoping left office in 1992 and died in 1997.

For sure, Democrats are consistent… consistently hypocritical…

Biden has made a career of lying in order to enhance his own importance. President Trump, who Democrats accuse of lying every time he opens his mouth, will use Biden’s phony self-promotion against him.

Another argument, promoted by the Dems’ media wing, against candidate Trump in 2016 was he was too old to be president. Biden is eight years older than President Trump was in 2016.

Biden has a women problem. Whatever claims they made about Trump in 2016, the Donald was a billionaire playboy… Biden was a creep – herehere, and here.

But there’s another reason that the promotion of Biden to standard bearer of the Democrat National Corporation is likely to cause damage to the party – irreparable, long term harm.

He is currently under DOJ investigation for corruption in Ukraine that, if former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani is right, will expose the Democrat Corporation for being corrupt to its core.

The ‘selection” of Joe Biden, with his checkered past, effectively neuters every argument that was made against Donald Trump both before and after he became president.

Additionally, Joe Biden appears to be in a stupor whenever he makes a public appearance. So what gives? The fact that party has chosen to coalesce support behind Biden may be revealing of a level of desperation rarely seen before.

“We’re all guilty so let’s try to elect one of us to be the new sheriff and have him bury the evidence…”

If Democrats didn’t think it was a long shot before, they know it is after last night’s results became known…

… but, what other options, given that they’re not yet ready to show their support for full blown socialism, were open to them?

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