President Trump Changes The Course Of Human History As Destruction of China’s Economic Stranglehold On US On Way To Being Broken

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

Opinion| Lawrence David| Florida Senator Marco Rubio appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this morning.

Bartiromo is a serious journalist who doesn’t simply parrot the Marxist media’s talking points.

Listen to Senator Rubio who sounds more and more like Donald Trump these days… (apologies for the quality of the bootlegged video)

Bartiromo: We continue to see company after company talk about disruptions in their supply chain that’s going to impact earnings.

But when it comes to healthcare supply chains this is where it gets dicey and very dangerous for Americans because America relies so much on China in particular for our prescription drugs.

Eighty percent of the active ingredients in prescription drugs are coming from either China or India. How is it possible that America is so reliant on this when it comes to such an important issue as our prescription drugs?


Sen. Rubio: The long-term question is should we rely as a nation on something as important as medicine, should we rely so heavily on a single country, particularly one who’s a near peer adversary prone to these sorts of outbreaks that are disruptive?

Bartiromo then moves to questioning Sen. Rubio about the pension fund investments for federal employees, particularly the military…

Bartiromo: They’re creating weapons that may very well be used against America. Do we really want our military to be funding these Chinese companies?

Sen. Rubio: We should not be using money of American federal employees like military personnel retirees to fund the industrial policy of a country that seeks to overtake us in critical industries.

Sen. Rubio points out that we can’t really trust their financial reporting or how their internal operations are run…

Sen. Rubio: Think about the leverage that gives them if at some point in the future in a conflict they decide that they’re going to undervalue those shares for purposes of striking back at American(s)…

It would create tremendous societal pressure… it would harm our economy… it becomes a systemic risk…

It’s just one more example of the mistakes that have been made over the last twenty years and viewing the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party …

Steve Bannon follows Sen. Rubio to discuss how far ahead of the China threat Donald Trump actually was…

This entire interview is worth your time.

Bannon: Remember he [President Trump] shut down travel in late January and Joe Biden said this is nativist. But it bought us time and it stopped the inflow of other people who were infected.

That’s why we can actually get our hands around this.

The contagion coming out of China about Globalization and making China the manufacturing center of the world but the rail head of the logistics system. That’s the deeper issue.

That’s how President Trump has been ahead of this. Remember his whole campaign was built around moving the supply chain back.

People forget, the central part of [replacing] NAFTA was to make North America and Mexico a geo-strategic alternative for the manufacturing supply base…

Bartiromo: The president has changed the conversation around China. Now you’re looking at companies wondering if they can trust China anymore.

“This is Trump’s Churchill moment” – Steve Bannon

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