Crazed Democrat Congressman Threatens To Assault Donald Trump Jr On Live TV

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Opinion| Lawrence David| An infectious disease promoted by the Democrat/Marxist aligned media has spread through the civil society at the rate of tens of millions of people.

No, it’s not the Coronavirus.

Trump Derangement Syndrome, a term that is being used to describe a disease affecting the ability to process information clearly and to vote against the infected persons’ own best interests, has infected persons at every strata of society.

It has infected poor people who have been convinced living in squalor is better than letting President Trump build a path to a better future.,

It has infected billionaire oligarchs who are spending billions of dollars of their personal wealth to stop President Trump because they won’t countenance sharing their profits with working stiffs.

Among the first people to be infected were Democrat leadership and their closest confidants and mouthpieces in the media. Too much heavy breathing as they move in closer to pass their secrets back and forth, it is assumed.

Double-blind testing came in the form of the Russia hoax. Of course Putin wouldn’t want a Hillary Clinton presidency that would likely lead to greater access to U.S. Uranium stockpiles and military technology.

That was just too much winning for Putin who decided he wanted a tougher son-of-a-bitch to deal with.

At least that’s what you believe if you have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now comes the delusional and violent stage that up until now had been reserved for the most severely infected, Bernie Bros and Antifa. That advanced stage of TDS has reached Congress.

Donald Trump Jr. had appeared on Fox News earlier Friday and said what every logical (uninfected) person already was thing…

“Anything that they can use to try to hurt Trump, they will. Anything he does in a positive sense, like you heard from the reporter that was just suspended from ABC, they will not give him credit for. The playbook is old at this point.”

“But for them to to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning is a new level of sickness.”

Enter Congressman John Garamendi.

(Mediaite) Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) threatened Donald Trump Jr. on MSNBC, Friday, after Trump Jr. insinuated Democrats want people to get sick from the coronavirus.

As Garamendi spoke about the latest Californian to test positive for the coronavirus, MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson said, “I think it’s coming through the screen you’re angry, you’re obviously visibly emotional about this,” before asking the congressman about Trump Jr. saying Democrats are seemingly hoping the coronavirus, “comes here to kill millions of people so it can end the president’s streak of winning.”

“He shouldn’t be near me when he says that,” Garamendi replied. “There would be a serious altercation.”

“That’s just totally outrageous. I can assure you there’s not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick,” he continued, concluding, “Don Jr. better not get any place close to me. It would not be a healthy situation.”

(It’s not clear if the Secret Service has been contacted or if the agency would even consider it a threat that needed to be investigated.)

This is the same deranged congressman who voted to impeach President Trump on charges so thin that they had to make them up.

Perhaps Garamendi should be a little introspective. Along with the rest of his party, the seventy-five year old Congressman left us naked to this virus when he supported shipping our jobs and manufacturing facilities to China.

In instances like the one surrounding the Coronavirus, buying time by slowing down the spread of the disease to minimize the number of people infected, until an effective treatment plan can be discovered. Trump did that.

Only Donald Trump had the stones to close the border, the single most effective way to limit the spread of any disease. He ordered a travel ban and restrictions on January 31st while the TDS-stricken Demonrats were trying to impeach him. Democrats resisted and criticized him for this.

Only Donald Trump demanded an uncoupling of manufacturing from China. Now we learn that 95% of the raw materials for pharmaceuticals, and a similar percentage of medical supplies and equipment are manufactured in China.

Where do you think those products will be directed if the coronavirus becomes a legitimate pandemic? When Trump talked about the national security aspects of uncoupling from China, Democrats and RINOs resisted and criticized him for this.

Because of President Trump’s quick and decisive actions approximately 60 Americans are infected, perhaps one from contact inside the United States.

Garamendi represents California where liberal policies – none of which he has spoken out against – has led to outbreaks of Typhus, Bubonic Plague, and Tuberculosis.

Alone, Bubonic Plague wiped out somewhere around 20-35% of the world’s population between 1347 and 1351, though no one knows the exact number.

Garamendi’s response to that? Crickets. How about cleaning up your own backyard before politicizing the efforts of President Trump? Successful efforts, so far, at that.

Save us the theatrics, Congressman. You’re a seventy-five year old charlatan who the much younger Donald Trump Jr. could wipe the floor with.

But, that’s what Trump Derangement Syndrome does to people.

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