BREAKING: Trump to Waive Some Regulations in Order to Speed Border Wall Construction

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

President Trump has decided to waive certain procurement regulations in order to speed construction of new parts of the long promised border wall between our country and Mexico.

Via The Hill:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Tuesday that 177 miles of wall – a distance that includes stretches of the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – will be able to be built faster because of the waivers. The waivers affect 10 statutes, including requirements for open competition and justifying selections, the Associated Post reported Tuesday.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said he is able to order such waivers under a 2005 law that grants the DHS chief considerable purview to waive laws for building border barriers.

“Today, we’re going to start waiving those for procurement-related regulations and laws as well, which allow us to speed up a lot of our contracts that the Army Corps has, anywhere from 30 to 45 to 60 days,” Wolf said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“We hope that that will accelerate some of the construction that’s going along the southwest border,” he added.

This is a fantastic move and we support it one hundred percent.

The border wall needs to be built as quickly as possible to help halt most illegal immigration that comes from the south.

That said you can bet Democrats will run to the courts to try and stop them and their allies in the media will howl loudly.

Without illegal immigration and illegal votes the Democratic Party would likely collapse sooner rather than later.

Here’s more on the border waivers, via National Review:

To implement its decision, the administration is using a 2005 law passed as an emergency spending bill for the Iraq and Afghan wars that allows the DHS secretary to waive certain regulations in border areas with high instances of illegal crossings.

President Trump has repeatedly promised to complete a long stretch of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of his immigration policy. Trump has resorted to diverting funds from the Pentagon to fund construction, after the Democrat-led House refused to include funds in the federal budget.

Screaming from Democrats, the Media, and never Trumpers to commence in 3,2,1…


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