Sheriffs Who Don’t Support Red Flag Laws Get A Surprise From Their Citizens


SANTA FE – Elected officials and uniformed law-enforcement officers participated in a public protest outside New Mexico’s Capitol building Friday morning in protest of a proposed “red flag“ law making its way through the current legislative session.

Hundreds rallied outside the Roundhouse, with flags bearing slogans against gun legislation and legends such as, “Come and take it” and “Don’t tread on me.” Some of those in attendance displayed firearms. There were no counterprotesters, and the prevailing mood was defiant, yet celebratory, punctuated with loud cheers, Las Cruces Sun News reports.

Sheriffs across across much of New Mexico are opposed to a proposal from Democratic lawmakers that would allow police or relatives to ask a court to temporarily take away guns from people who might hurt themselves or others.

Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, said that members want to ensure gun owners keep their due process protections. He said no compromise was reached so far with lawmakers on the so-called red flag legislation.

Hamilton said sheriffs are concerned that red flag laws would be ineffective and produce unintended consequences by undermining constitutional protections.

“There are existing laws on the books that allow for law enforcement to investigate those individuals engaged in a mental health crisis,” Hamilton said, describing procedures for establishing probable cause and arranging transportation to medical treatment. “I would much rather just transport that person than take away one mechanism (gun) unconstitutionally and leave him with knives and explosives and anything else that will allow him to carry out his ill will.”

What Is a Red Flag Law?

Red flag laws are state laws that are known by various names, including “Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs),” “gun-violence restraining orders” and “risk warrants.” They allow law enforcement, family members and even medical professionals in some states to petition the court to temporarily remove firearms and ammunition from a person who is believed to present a danger to himself or herself or others.

A judge rules and, if the order is signed, law enforcement confiscates the firearms and ammunition from the person. The person also loses any concealed carry permits he or she may have and is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, typically for up to one year.

All we have to do is follow what has happened in Virginia to see that if, “We The People” continue to tolerate the immense corruption and destruction of our rights, the political machine will continue to grow and we will be forced to our knees.

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