Ilhan Omar Blames Death Of Infant On Trump… She Immediately Regrets It!

OPINION by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Fraud Squad leftist radical Democrat and anti-Semite Ilhan Omar blamed President Donald Trump for the death of an infant on Twitter but there’s just a few problems with her claims.

1- The infant isn’t dead

2- Trump had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Here is her tweet:

“A nine month old died as a direct result of Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP.

He is one of a million children to lose healthcare.

Let that sink in.”

She included a New York Times article in her tweet that that discussed an ill 9-month-old baby named Elijah who lost his Medicaid coverage but never in the article did the Times say the infant was dead.


Later she commented that the infant “almost died.”

Well, that’s quite a difference.

Now, here’s a little background on the story.

The Tuesday NYT article Omar linked discussed Elijah’s visit to a Texas hospital in September and his mother’s distress over her child’s lack of Medicaid coverage.

Now, is that Trumps fault?


Apparently Elijah’s loss of coverage might have stemmed from Johnson’s failure to respond quickly to a letter asking her for new proof of income.

That’s Trumps fault?


“I went to the ER thinking he had insurance,” Kristin Johnson told The NYT. “If the receptionist had not seen him turning blue, she might have just said, ‘He’s not covered, so we can’t see him today.’ I do think about that.”

“I’ve been on this emotional roller coaster,” the 34-year-old mother told The NYT. “It’s been a very scary month.”

The Trump administration has not “explicitly tried to limit” Medicaid coverage for children, The NYT admitted.

What a freaking joke.


H/T Daily Caller

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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