Republican Senators Finally Demand Secret Service to Hand Over All Records of Flights Hunter Biden Took With Joe

Sens. Grassley, Johnson request travel records from Secret Service on Hunter Biden in ongoing ‘conflict of interest’ probe

Questions dating back as far as Uranium One, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry have yet to be answered…

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The two most tenacious Republican senators who have been trying to unravel all of the details surrounding the Obama-led coup attempt against President Donald Trump appear to have now taken the lead in getting to the bottom of corruption allegations involving top Democrats, their children, and Ukraine.

Earlier this week, we followed up on Sara A. Carter’s report that Sens. Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa) had requested the National Archives search for all Obama-era documents focusing on communications between the White House and Ukraine.

Carter noted that archives personnel are now reviewing “thousands” of documents related to the senators’ request. She added that the docs “are significant as they directly concern meetings that senior Obama Administration and Ukrainian officials had at the White House in 2016.”


The documents are expected to be reviewed for classification purposes, as well as Executive privilege by lawyers for both President Obama and President Donald Trump, officials told

Johnson told Carter, “We  will continue our oversight. We are going to get to the bottom of what all has been happening here. Hopefully we will get access to the information to make it available to the American public so they really do understand what’s been happening.”

The November timeframe is significant. In November, we reported on Paul Sperry’s “breaking” news that three Senate committees were looking into “Obama-Biden solicitation of Ukrainian” election interference.

Sperry’s breaking news came after investigative journalist John Solomon reported additional Democrat-Ukraine details for The Hill in May. Specifically, Solomon reported that Ukrainian embassy officials confirmed the Democratic National Committee “solicited Trump dirt” during the 2016 election cycle.

Now, Carter is reporting that Grassley and Johnson have requested all travel records from the U.S. Secret Service involving former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Her lede:

Two top Republican Senators are expanding their probe into potential conflicts of interest “posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden” as the Senate investigative committees continue to probe former Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s business activities overseas during his father’s tenure in the Obama Administration.

The senators sent a letter Wednesday to Secret Service Director James M. Murray requesting information “about whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business, to include his work for Rosemont Seneca and related entities in China and Ukraine.”

The senators asked that Murray comply with their request no later than Feb. 19.

“The Committee on Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (“the committees”) are reviewing potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration, particularly with respect to his business activities in Ukraine and China,” the letter said, according to Carter.

They asked for “Hunter Biden’s travel arrangements to conduct business related to his dealings in Ukraine and China, among other countries, while he received a protective detail. Please describe the protective detail that Hunter Biden received while his father was Vice President.”

The chairmen make two specific requests:

  1. Please provide a list of all dates and locations of travel, international and domestic, for Hunter Biden while he received a protective detail.
  2. Please provide a list o f all dates and locations o f travel, international and domestic, for Hunter Biden while he received a protective detail. In your response, please note whether his travel was on Air Force One or Two, or other government aircraft, as applicable and whether additional family members were present for each trip.

The two GOP hound dogs are also digging into a blast from the past, so to speak: The Obama administration’s very questionable approval of a deal for a Russian energy firm, Rosatom, to acquire 20 percent of all U.S. strategic uranium via Uranium One, a deal that involved what looked like a very ‘profitable’ decision for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose foundation managed to secure millions in donations from some key dealmakers.


The Senators also stated in the letter that they have sent other letters to other government agencies questioning ‘potential conflicts of interest’ regarding the deal during the Obama Administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval to sell off 20 percent of U.S. uranium from the Canadian company that had assets in the U.S. to to the Russian energy giant Rosatom.  The transaction required the the approval of CFIUS, the multi-agency approval committee. At the time Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department, which was a voting member of the CFIUS board.

“In addition to several letters that the committees have sent to other agencies as part of that inquiry, the Committee on Finance also has written to the Department of Treasury regarding potential conflicts of interest in the Obama-era CFIUS- approved transaction which gave control of Henniges, an American maker of anti-vibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government-owned aviation company and China-based investment firm with established ties to the Chinese government,” the letter said.

“That transaction included Rosemont Seneca Partners, a company formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, and others,” it continued.

Christopher Heinz is the stepson of former U.S. senator and Obama Secretary of State John Kerry.

What is so special about anti-aircraft vibration technologies, you may ask? In October 2019 the Washington Free Beacon explained — and then, as now, Grassley was involved:

It wasn’t just Ukraine. A U.S. senator is now investigating whether Hunter Biden improperly benefited from his business ties to a Chinese investment firm that has partnered with a Chinese-backed aviation company keen on stealing U.S. national security secrets. Senate Finance Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) received a classified briefing about the foreign investment deal…

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China had raised national security concern in the U.S. before. American national security officials and independent analysts strongly suspected that the company, a major supplier of military jets in China, had hacked U.S. networks to steal the design of the F-35 jet and used the design to build its own stealth jet fighters.

In 2015, the Chinese aviation giant partnered with BHR Partners, a state-backed Chinese equity firm, to acquire Henniges Automotive, a U.S. auto company that produces technologies with military applications. Biden has sat on BHR’s board since 2013. The $600 million acquisition was one of the largest by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based auto company.

Officials from the Treasury Department, Commerce Department, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence gave Grassley an “extensive, classified briefing,” according to Michael Zona, Grassley’s communications director.

Grassley had initially raised a red flag about the deal in an August 2019 letter in an attempt to highlight Obama-era conflicts of interest. Specifically, the State Department was led by Kerry at the time and had to approve the deal; his son, along with Biden’s son, were both reportedly involved in China business.

Anti-vibration technology is extremely important to the development of fifth-generation stealth fighter jets.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

Image credit- Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

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