Trashy Nancy Throws Temper Tantrum At State Of The Union And It Shows How Disgusting The Democrat Party Has Become


President Trump went on the offensive against socialism and left-wing policies during a defiant third State of the Union address to Congress Tuesday night — drawing groans from Democrats in attendance and prompting a furious House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to rip up her copy of Trump’s speech as soon as it concluded in a remarkable scene, Fox News reports.

Asked about the moment by Fox News afterward, Pelosi said she had destroyed the speech “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.” She also said she was “trying to find one page with truth on it” but “couldn’t.”

Some people say President Trump snubbed Pelosi by declining to shake her hand as he handed her a paper copy of his State of the Union speech but he also didn’t shake the Vice President’s hand either.

Pelosi read through her copy as he delivered his speech.

She looked like she had been sucking on lemons all day.

She then stood up, disdainfully held the speech in full view of Congress and the nation, and tore the pages in half. She began tearing the papers just as Trump finished saying, “God bless America.”

In so doing, Pelosi tore apart a text honoring American military forces – including Tuskegee Airman Gen. Charles McGee, a 100-year-old veteran of the pioneering black fighter pilots amongst others – as well as other hardworking Americans.

Real classy- what an a-hole. The dems are garbage.

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God Bless.

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