Efforts To Force Mitt Romney To Be Recalled (Removed) From Senate Seat Gains Momentum After Impeachment Trial

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

As we reported eariler, The Conservative Political Action Committee formally disinvited the Utah Republican from its high-profile conference next month, after he voted in favor of new witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

But Romney is facing much bigger problems in Utah as citizens are launching petitions to recall him from office.

RecallRomneyNow.com states that it’s mission is to pass a citizens initiative to allow Utah citizens to recall U.S. Senator Mitt Romney.

Voter Accountability Act

Dear Fellow Utahns-

Currently, there is no mechanism in our state to recall an elected official for any reason. Once elected, these politicians feel they have tenure until the next election; many go right back to empty promises and get elected again. Thus, the cycle begins all over again. Five more years of Senator Mitt Romney is simply not acceptable. We deserve better.

The time has come to amend the Utah Code to allow the recall of elected officials who have strayed from or ignored the will of the very people who elected them.

There are two avenues to amending the Utah Code:

1. Through the Utah State House of Representatives and Senate

2. Through a citizen’s initiative—a process of gathering signatures and fulfilling
requirements that will place the initiative directly on the ballot.

This citizen’s initiative, once amended to the Utah Code, will empower the voters to make elected officials accountable almost immediately, thus keeping their feet to the fire.

To make this a reality, we need:

· Volunteers

· Signatures

· Your willingness to share this message on social media, not just among our Utah
friends but among citizens throughout the country.

· Monetary contributions: $5, $10, $20, $50, etc. Any amount is helpful.

It is important that you visit our website (recallromneynow.com), click on “CONTACT” at the top of the page, and subscribe by adding your name and email address. By doing so, you will be able to receive updates and information about signature collection along with other pertinent information that becomes available.

Sponsors must collect 115,869 handwritten signatures of registered Utah voters to place an initiative on the ballot. Add your name to the petition by subscribing to receive news updates of when and where we will be collecting signatures next.

We look forward to having you be a part of this grassroots initiative.

The froup also wrote an open letter to romney titled

Dear Senator Mitt Romney

Since your election, you have gone out of your way to take personal and political swings at the President of the United States.

During your 2012 presidential campaign, you sent a fundraising letter to U.S. voters, stating three things you would do if elected president.

In the letter, you said, “We need a president who understands the economy; we need a president who knows how jobs are created; and we need a president who will focus on fixing the economy from day one. I am running for President of the United States to turn our economy around.”

There seems to be no difference between promises you were making then and the current goals and achievements of President Trump. It is evident that you have a personal vendetta with President Trump and not a policy disagreement. You have adopted a stance of rooting for President Trump to fail, but you were not elected by the people of Utah to become the replacement for former Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Your recent supposed clandestine attacks and comments as “Pierre Delecto” on Twitter toward the President were petty, shameful, and beneath the office to which you have been entrusted as a U.S. senator representing the people of Utah. Perhaps you would be well-advised to do the honorable thing and meet with the President to work out whatever personal feelings you have toward him, leaving your discussion behind closed doors. Attacking the President does not elevate you in any way but has quite the opposite effect. You’re doing a great disservice to the voters of Utah. Our country deserves better.

Perhaps you might consider that you are being used by the propaganda leftist machine. You have abandoned Utah conservative values and seem to align closer to Massachusetts values. You are very consistent with your attacks on the President and seem to forget that you were elected to serve the people of Utah and not your own personal political ambitions.

We, as Utah voters, recognize that our state legislature might not have the will to amend Utah Code to make elected officials accountable to those they serve, but we will begin a grass-roots process to place an initiative on the ballot to recall elected officials who abandon and do not represent the wishes of Utah voters.

Another petition is on The Petition Site/ Care2 Petitions.

In the five months Mitt Romney has been Senator, he has done nothing to better Utah nor has he represented our good state.

He has attacked President Trump time and time again, who has become our most Conservative President in history.

Voting against a Conservative Judge, voting for the wall and then for the Democrat resolution along with his personal attack as his first move as our Senator are not what we want. He claims to be Conservative and Republican, but his actions have spoken louder than his false words.

He is a danger to Republicans and we cannot have him and his personal hatred of Donald Trump overshadow what he needs to do: represent us! He must resign, he is not fit to be our Representative.

I would have to say that Romney’s days are numbered as a politician.


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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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