Queen Pelosi Goes Off The Rails As Impeachment Implodes: Refuses To Accept Trump Acquittal, Says If Senate Votes to Acquit President Trump “He Will Not Be Acquitted” (VIDEO)

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

If you read our blog you know that we believe that ‘projection’ is the key to understanding the Democrats and their bosses in the DS.

This is the very reason why I think we are at a turning point in our nation’s history … and not a good one. Today Nancy Pelosi showed just how out of control her God complex has become. But before we get into that, let me set the table.

Recently the rhetoric used by the left has reached a fever pitch. Never mind the fact that, IMHO, we have a rogue Congress trying to remove a President, the head of a Constitutionally coequal branch of government (the executive branch) for failing to bow to them and their endless use of ‘Presidential harassment’ and never ending string of subpoenas.

Think for a moment about the rhetoric the Dems have been using during their desperate coup to remove Trump at any cost. You have the Bernie campaign’s staffers talking about Gulags and reeducation camps, you have Liz Warren, who is literally famous for lying about, well everything from her DNA to her pregnancy, taking about criminalizing disinformation online. However you also have Nancy Pelosi throwing around the words ‘enemies, foreign and domestic.’

When the cracked out Speaker of The House (which is an ironic title considering the nice older lady can not even string a sentence together to save her life) wrote that line, essentially calling Trump a ‘domestic enemy’ I noted at the time that I thought this was an important event. The words struck me as important because when viewed through the lens of projection, it signals that she knows that she, and her coconspirators, have committed serious crimes, up to and possibly including, treason.

The Hill reported at the time:

‘In a “Dear Colleague” letter circulated to members of the caucus on the eve of the vote, Pelosi asked fellow House Democrats to “join me on the Floor” on Wednesday morning as the chamber votes on the articles against Trump.

“No Member came to Congress to impeach a President. But every one of us, as our first act as a Member of Congress, stood on the House Floor, raised our hand and took a sacred oath: ‘I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.‘ That oath makes us Custodians of the Constitution. If we do not act, we will be derelict in our duty,” she wrote.’

Now, The Gateway Pundit it reporting: ‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on an insane rant Thursday as impeachment imploded in the senate.

President Trump’s defense team absolutely destroyed Schiff and the Dems, causing Pelosi to have a meltdown during a press conference.

A reporter asked Pelosi if Trump will be “chastened” knowing “congress is watching him” or “emboldened” if the senate acquits him.

“Well he will not be acquitted. You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial and when you don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation,” Pelosi said.’


This clearly has ZERO to do with the rule of law, and everything to do with removing Trump before he and AG Barr can shine a light on all the crimes that have been committed against the Republic in the last few years by not only Democrats, but likely many, many Republicans too.

I hope they do not stop with the Obama Administration either, let’s take a look at what the Bush admin did as well. Let’s look at what the Senate has been up to, and of course, the House of representatives.

Let no one be above reproach, the President and his staff included. Either we root out corruption wherever it rests or we will hand our children a totalitarian kleptocracy, from which there will be no coming back. What is it going to be America?

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