Virginia Democrats Waste No Time, Start Imposing Gun Control, Electoral College Laws And More

Virginia Democrats wasting no time imposing radical abortion, gun control, and electoral college agenda

More important than improving schools, fixing infrastructure and economic growth…

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Virginia Democrats now in charge of all lawmaking apparatuses are not wasting a single moment in imposing their radical Left-wing agenda on a state that still has a lot of conservatism left in it.

Once considered a ‘moderate’ Democrat, Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam is going along with all of it as payback for the Garbage Party looking the other way over his “blackface-KKK” racist past.

Instead of focusing on improving schools, fixing roads and infrastructure, and getting rid of job-killing regulations, Democrats are laser-focused on the ‘really important’ issues of gun control, expanded abortion, and ensuring that their party can steal every presidential election in the foreseeable future.

The Epoch Times reports:

Gun Control

The Democrat-controlled legislature of Virginia has seen a flurry of contentious legislation this season, some of which sparked outrage among Republicans. The bills focused most prominently on curbing the right to possess firearms. Still, many pertain to other areas, such as abortion, voter ID requirements, electoral college, and giving felons the right to vote. …

More than sixty bills regarding guns, many focused on limiting the right to bear them, were introduced in Virginia this year. … SB 69 limits common handgun purchases to one a month while SB 35 allows local authorities to ban possession of firearms or ammunition in public spaces used for or adjacent to events that require a permit to be held. Both passed the Senate on Jan. 16 along partisan lines (21-19). 

On Jan. 22, the Senate Democrats also passed SB 240, which would allow law enforcement to ask state judges for an order and ultimately a search warrant to take guns from anybody who “poses a substantial risk of personal injury to himself or others in the near future by such person’s possession or acquisition of a firearm.” [This is a ‘red flag’ law and it violates basic constitutional guarantees of due process as well as our founding legal principle of innocence until proven guilty.] …


At least two bills focus on relaxing abortion rules in the state. SB 733 would remove requirements that a woman is provided various information shortly before getting an abortion, including ultrasound and “the possible detrimental psychological effects of abortion.” At least some women are dissuaded from abortion by seeing their unborn on an ultrasound. The bill passed in the Education and Health Committee along partisan lines on Jan. 23.

SB 635 says that a pregnant woman “has a fundamental right to … terminate a pregnancy,” and the state shall not “deny or interfere with,” such a right. The bill has 19 patrons in the Senate, all Democrats. It’s been in the Education and Health Committee since Jan. 7.

Northam, recall, outraged pro-life activists and conservatives when he suggested in an interview last year that mothers and doctors should be able to decide to murder a child even after birth.

Electoral College

SB 399 gives all Virginia’s electoral votes to the winner of the national presidential popular vote.

The law only goes into effect when states cumulatively possessing a majority of the electoral votes have passed such legislation as part of an agreement called the National Popular Vote Compact.

The compact still needs 74 more electoral votes to go into effect, according to its website. Virginia would add 13.

This will be challenged as unconstitutional, mind you, but in order to have standing, groups will have to wait until the NPVC actually reaches the 270 electoral votes necessary to take effect.

Virginia Democrats are also focused on giving felons the right to vote and remove the current voter ID requirement, replacing it with a “utility bill” to show proof that voters are who they say they are. What could go wrong?

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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