BREAKING: Virginia Passes Red Flag Laws Day After Massive 2A Rally And We Need To Stop This NOW


 The Virginia Senate has advanced legislation that would allow authorities to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

The Senate, which is led by the Democrats voted to proceed to approve the so-called “red flag” law.  This action comes a day after tens of thousands of gun-rights activists rallied peacefully at the state Capitol.
SB 240 would create a process for attorneys and law enforcement to file emergency orders prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or transferring a firearm if they pose “a substantial risk of injury to himself or others.”
The measure is set for a final vote in the Senate before going to the House. Republicans blasted the bill as an assault on gun rights and civil liberties.  Democrats said the bill was a thoughtful measure that would preserve due process while also protecting people against potential gun violence, CBS Charlottesville News reports. reports that last week Virginia passed three gun control bills. The three bills require background checks on all firearm sales (SB 70), limit handgun purchases to one per month (SB 69), and allow localities to ban guns from public events (SB 35). The most radical bill (SB 16) which included the ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks, and silencers, was killed, but it’s already on track to be resurrected. A nearly identical bill to SB 16 remains alive, and those three aforementioned laws only represent what is going to be the first wave of many.

What Is A Red Flag Law?

Red flag laws are state laws that are known by various names, including “Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs),” “gun-violence restraining orders” and “risk warrants.” They allow law enforcement, family members and even medical professionals in some states to petition the court to temporarily remove firearms and ammunition from a person who is believed to present a danger to himself or herself or others.

A judge rules and, if the order is signed, law enforcement confiscates the firearms and ammunition from the person. The person also loses any concealed carry permits he or she may have and is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, typically for up to one year.

Opponents of such laws say they violate a basic legal protection in the Constitution — due process, as well as a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Also, opponents worry that such laws can be abused by people who are motivated for personal reasons and animosity to report someone to authorities as ‘potentially dangerous’ so as to relieve them of their firearms.


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