Virginia Democrats Introduce Ammunition Tax And Bans On Forms Of Hunting


Friday is the deadline for lawmakers to file legislation in Virginia, which means today is the day for legislators to introduce even more bills attacking the right to keep and bear arms, as well as the longstanding traditions of rural Virginians, Bearing Arms reports.

HB 960 Firearms and ammunition; imposes additional sales and use tax, use of proceeds.


Additional state sales tax on firearms and ammunition; use of proceeds; Student Mental Health and Safety Fund and Program. Imposes an additional sales and use tax on the retail sale of firearms and ammunition. The amount of the tax shall be 10 percent minus the amount of tax imposed by all other sales and use taxes levied by the Commonwealth. Revenues from the tax shall be deposited in the Student Mental Health and Safety Fund (the Fund), which is established by the bill. In addition to the Fund, the bill creates the Student Mental Health and Safety Program (the Program).

The Program and Fund shall provide grants on a competitive basis to public school divisions for the purpose of funding full-time school counselor positions at a ratio of 250:1 or better, school social worker positions at a ratio of 400:1 or better, and school psychologists at a ratio of 500:1 or better.

Hunting can be big business in rural parts of any state. For some small communities with a lot of hunting outfitters, it could well be the one thing that keeps a community afloat.

SB 886 Hunting with dogs; retrieval and trespass; discharge of firearm on road


Hunting with dogs; retrieval and trespass; discharge of firearm on road; civil and criminal penalties. Prohibits a dog owner from allowing his dog to run at large on the property of another after the landowner has given notice to the dog owner to keep dogs off the property.

The bill provides for a civil penalty of $100 per dog enforced by animal control, conservation police, and other law-enforcement officers and a civil penalty of $250 per occurrence for a second or subsequent occurrence. The bill contains an exception to the penalty if the dog’s owner or custodian releases the dog on property measuring 500 acres or more that is owned or leased by him or on which he has written permission to hunt.

The bill provides that the release of a hunting dog on a public road or on either side of such road within 100 feet of the centerline is a Class 4 misdemeanor. The bill also requires a hunter of game other than fox or raccoon, when going on prohibited lands to retrieve his dog, to obtain the permission of the owner or occupant of the property before entering such prohibited lands. A violation of such is a Class 4 misdemeanor.

Finally, the bill makes it a Class 4 misdemeanor to discharge a firearm or bow within 75 feet of either side of the centerline of a road. Current law prohibits such discharge in or across any road, within the right-of-way thereof, or in a street of any city or town. The bill includes technical changes.

The 2020 Legislative Session started January 8, 2020 and represents the greatest threat to gun rights Virginians have faced in modern times!


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