Canadian Hot Shot Now Blaming Trump For Iran’s Shooting Down Of Ukraine Plane That Left Over 100 Dead And His Reason Is Pathetic

Canadian President Justin Trudeau

Canadian CEO blames TRUMP for Iran’s shoot-down of Ukrainian plane because he’s pathetic

Those who have served fighting terrorism and have lost friends in battle are not impressed…

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Because it’s fashionable for those on the Left to blame everything bad that happens in the world today on Donald Trump, a Canadian CEO has taken to social media to point a finger at him after Iran shot down an airliner full of people, including 65 of his fellow citizens.

A “livid” Michael McCain, CEO of the Canadian food company Maple Leaf Foods, took to Twitter on Sunday night to blame our president for essentially being a leader and taking out the world’s foremost terrorist facilitator, Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.


(Iran blew up the plane while attacking the US base jackass)

(Iran blew up the plane while attacking the US base liberal jackass)

(Shut the hell up Canadian lib. We’ll kill them all if we have to.)


Absolutely PATHETIC!

Apparently, Mr. McCain believes American leaders should simply ignore acts of terrorism and militarism against American forces deployed in countries not named Iran. Soleimani has been linked to the deaths of more than 600 Americans fighting in Iraq and Syria, most of whom, no doubt, had families too.

Also, Iran is responsible for the downing of the Ukrainian airliner carrying the Canadian citizens, not Donald Trump. And there was no “crossfire;” that is a Left-wing media myth. Iran had been firing missiles at a couple of bases in Iraq; there was no return fire from U.S. or Iraqi forces.

This disgusting display of cowardice is what enables dictatorial regimes like the one in Iran which, until Donald Trump became president, had been allowed free reign to interfere in regional affairs, spread Islamic terrorism, and kill indiscriminately. Mr. McCain, we are betting, shed no tears for those victims.

Appeasing and enabling Iran with funds, recognition, and capital — like Obama did — is not leadership.

And for the record, there are plenty of Iranians who are sick and tired of being abused and killed by their own government, as protests following the downing of the Ukrainian airliner are proving.

Conducting policy and pursuing national security interests can be messy, though Canadians like Mr. McCain routinely expect the United States to do it for them. In the aftermath, guys like him get to play Monday Morning Quarterback from the safety of their living rooms, so it’s easy for them to posture and deflect and ‘mourn’ because they don’t have their asses on the line (like those of us who have served in those places in and out of uniform and who went over with more buddies than we came home with).

The fact that our president has become the global whipping boy is a direct result of his refusal to play by a set of rules that for too long have favored Canadians and Europeans and Chinese — everyone but us. To hell with that, and to hell with people like Michael McCain who are butt hurt over our president’s refusal to simply lay down and take it, expending American lives in the process.

What a freaking joke. Stay in Canada and shut the hell up moron.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some brutal edits were made (sorry John lol)

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