Trump Sticks It To Nervous Nancy In Amazing Fashion And You’re Going To Love It

Trump calls Pelosi ‘the most overrated person I know’ over decision to withhold impeachment articles


President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over her decision to withhold sending two articles of impeachment to the Senate until sometime next month, caller her “overrated.”

“Remember when Pelosi was screaming that President Trump is a danger to our nation and we must move quickly,” Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

“They didn’t get one Republican House vote, and lost 3 Dems. They produced no case so now she doesn’t want to go to the Senate. She’s all lies. Most overrated person I know!”

The House voted earlier this month to return two articles of impeachment against the president — one for obstructing Congress, and the other for abuse of power.

The latter allegation stems from lawmakers’ claims that Trump engaged in an act of bribery and a “quid pro quo” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

No Republicans voted in favor of the impeachment articles. A few Democrats also declined to support the articles.

After the vote, Pelosi announced she would not be sending the articles to the Senate until she was assured of a “fair trial.”

Republicans have blasted Pelosi’s decision, noting that she does not have the authority to set rules for an impeachment trial in the Senate.

This article originally appeared at USAFEATURESMEDIA and was republished with permission.

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