The Real Reason Dems Desperately Impeached Trump: Their Lives & Liberty Depend On It

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OPINION| Lawrence David| The release of the IG Report made it clear that federal rules of evidence were ignored by those working to destroy the Trump presidency. There was never the necessary evidence to justify the first FISA warrant, let alone three following ones.

Those fearing President Trump would actually keep his campaign promises had to fabricate evidence in order to proceed with a three-year long inquest to find something to remove him from office.

There was nothing and Robert Mueller finally admitted that earlier this year. Mueller’s special counsel status hung over Trump’s presidency like the Sword of Damocles, neutering a significant portion of the president’s ability to implement his agenda.

It wasn’t just that Mueller found nothing illegal to pin on President Trump, he had to turn a blind eye to exculpatory evidence when it surfaced.

He claimed to have never heard of Fusion GPS during House testimony that he gave after he had closed down his 22-month inquest. That simply defies logic to the point that the level of misfeasance was deliberate.

Most significantly, Mueller’s group of radical leftist Democrat lawyers and investigators never examined, or sought to examine the DNC server and never deposed Julian Assange the man they accused of being the go-between with Russia and the publication of emails damaging to the anarchist Democrats.

Jonathan Turley wrote of Assange:

For years, the public has debated what Assange is: journalist, whistleblower, foreign agent, dupe. The problem is that Assange is first and foremost a publisher.

Moreover, he was doing something that is usually heralded in the news media. WikiLeaks disclosed a massive and arguably unconstitutional surveillance program by the United States impacting virtually every citizen. It later published emails that showed that the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton lied in various statements to the public, including the rigging of the primary for her nomination. No one has argued that any of these emails were false. They were embarrassing. Of course, there is not [sic] crime of embarrassing the establishment, but that is merely a technicality.

Mueller’s refusal to even attempt to examine the DNC server at the center of the hacking controversy, again, can only be characterized as deliberate misfeasance. This is akin to presenting a murder weapon in court but having refused to do forensics on it.

…‘in order for democrats, liberals, progressives et al to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’ – David Mamet

The problem for Mueller and Democrat co-conspirators is facts die hard.

(Consortium News) Forensic studies of “Russian hacking” into Democratic National Committee computers last year reveal that on July 5, 2016, data was leaked (not hacked) by a person with physical access to DNC computer. After examining metadata from the “Guccifer 2.0” July 5, 2016 intrusion into the DNC server, independent cyber investigators have concluded that an insider copied DNC data onto an external storage device.

That was the conclusion of former U.S. intelligence officers, including NSA specialists like William Binney.

Binney was the man who designed the National Security Agency’s automated surveillance systems. But he left the NSA in 2001, when he discovered his employer had started spying on civilians.

Binney didn’t just resign his senior post, though. He turned whistleblower on the NSA’s “unconstitutional” practices. And he’s been one of its most vocal critics ever since.

In December 2016, these veteran intelligence professionals for sanity (VIPS) released a memorandum criticizing allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections as “evidence-free”.

The memorandum asserted that the 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak was the result of an internal leak and not a Russian hack.

As early as January of 2017, before Donald Trump’s inauguration, it was reported that other realized the lack of logic required to blame the Kremlin for the DNC server breach:

Cyber Security Expert John McAfee: “If the CIA wanted to hack Russia the things you would not do is you would not include the English language in your software because that would then exclude everybody except english-speaking nations.

You would certainly not use a keyboard that everybody knows that the CIA uses whatever keyboard they use. You would have them use a Chinese keyboard or something else.

You would certainly remove the date and time stamp from the program so that you couldn’t tell what business hours of what [time] zone you were in when it was compiled.

And that before, you would absolutely not have an IP address that points to you.”

If Russia was intent on being blamed for the hacks by so amateurishly leaving their fingerprints everywhere why did they go through the bother of using Wikileaks to disseminate the information?

Yet, Mueller nor his henchmen efforted to have the DNC server examined for forensic evidence. Former FBI Director James Comey had also previously ignored the obvious need to perform a forensic examination of the server.

That brings us to the anarchist Dems’ latest impeachment effort, this time initiated after a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. (Full transcript)

Crowdstrike is the private security firm that the DNC hired to verify claims that their server(s) had been hacked by Russia. The entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative collapses if Russia wasn’t responsible for the hack.

So we are forced to sit through a second round of impeachment rhetoric by Democrats desperate to outlast the Trump presidency.

This time there will be no special counsel team leaking craven lies to the allied media cronies to further public distrust.

It should not be forgotten that it was the previous administration that sold Uranium and shared sensitive military technology with Russia.

Our sources, former highly-placed intelligence officers (from within the NSA, CIA, and FBI) have recently assured us that “incontrovertible evidence in accordance with the Federal Rules of Evidence” is coming soon.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr and the U.S. attorney he appointed, John Durham, will be the difference makers this time around.

This article originally appeared at  We Are Biased OPINION Blog and was republished with permission.

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