As Dems Go On With Impeachment- Trump Is Transforming The Liberal 9th Circuit Court Drastically

As Dem impeachment flails, Trump and McConnell are steadily transforming the Uber-liberal 9th Circuit into a court our founders would be proud of

This has needed to happen for a long, long time…

(TNS) When Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blew up long-standing chamber rules to go ‘nuclear’ in getting Barack Obama’s Left-wing activists seated on the federal bench, we knew there’d come a day when that power grab would come back to haunt the Garbage Party.

First, we saw sweet GOP revenge when newly-installed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) nuked the rest of the judicial nomination process by extending a simple majority vote to Supreme Court justices as well.

Since then, McConnell and President Donald Trump have slowly but surely been transforming the Judicial Branch, filling vacancies with bona fide constitutionalists who would make our founding fathers proud.

And that includes the historically liberal 9th Circuit.

In just Trump’s first term — which still has more than a year to go — he and McConnell have nearly flipped the circuit with the 50th appeals court judge approved this week by the Senate as Democrats in the House continue to flail away with their bogus impeachment charade.

PJ Media:

During the Trump administration, however, the 9th Circuit has undergone a massive overhaul. The 9th Circuit includes 13 district courts, presided over by a total of 112 judges. The Circuit Court of Appeals, in turn, has 29 justices, meaning that 15 constitute a majority. As of November, President Trump had appointed eight new justices to vacancies on the Circuit Court.

The latest change came on Wednesday, when the U.S. Senate confirmed Deputy Assistant Attorney General Lawrence VanDyke of Montana. He previously served as assistant solicitor general for Texas, and solicitor general for both Montana and Nevada. … 

At present, the 9th Circuit has 13 of 29 total justices nominated by Republican presidents. Just a whisker away from a majority.

This overhaul will also have the effect of dampening, to some extent, the dominance of California over the rest of the states covered by the 9th Circuit. California accounts for approximately 60 percent of the total population of the 9th Circuit, and can easily dominate the nominations.

Granted, there is still some ways to go before the full transformation of this circuit, but the president and his GOP Senate majority are well on their way.

And Democrats are clearly concerned.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said in an interview last week that he and other Garbage Party members were frustrated with McConnell because all their legislation was being log-jammed once it reached the Senate.

“The reason that they are not going anywhere has nothing to do with distracted Democrats because every week we pass bills,” he said.

“It has to do with the fact that Mitch McConnell has converted the United States Senate into a machine to approve judges,” he added.

Well, yeah, that — and the fact that they’re Democrat bills which mostly seek to block President Trump’s agenda. Why would a GOP-controlled chamber go along with that?

Now, all this said, we live in an overly-litigious society. Practically every executive action Trump takes is challenged in federal court by Left-wing groups.

Maybe, just maybe, the constitutionalists being nominated and approved for the federal bench will opt to return the Judicial Branch to its rightful place as the least powerful branch of government.

At that would take is for them to stop accepting cases that are really just disputes between the Legislative and Executive Branches, not insults to the Constitution.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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