Joe Biden Breaks Down And Verbally Assaults Voter When Asked About His Corrupt Son (VID)


Joe Biden verbally assaults Iowa voter, calls him a ‘liar’ and challenges him to ‘IQ test’ after he brings up his son and Ukraine (Video)

(TNS) We knew Joe Biden was likely corrupt, creepy, an ignoramus, and a political washout. Now we can officially add “coward” to that list of traits.

Biden was campaigning in Iowa and was confronted by a voter who dared – dared! – to bring up his son Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian energy company that was under investigation for corruption.

That is, until Daddy Joe got the Ukrainians to drop the probe by firing the special prosecutor. As Barack Obama’s point man on Ukraine.

Quid, meet pro quo.

Crazy Joe admitted it.

Initially, the voter spoke about how ‘everyone knows’ that President Trump did some dirty dealing in Ukraine, even though the president hasn’t and even though it’s a matter of public record that Joe Biden has. But the former VP had no problem perpetuating that lie.

Yet, when Boy Biden was mentioned, the former VP attacked.

He called the voter a “liar.” He body-shamed him by challenging him to pushups. He then insulted him by challenging him to an IQ test (Joe better watch it on that one; he seriously could lose such a contest to a brick).

It was a disgusting display of cowardice that he would have never gotten away with had he been anything close to a regular citizen — probably because he’d have gotten his you-know-what kicked.


Hey Joe, you know who said they got a job at Burisma, that Ukrainian energy company paying your boy 80 grand a month?

Your Boy.


But here’s the thing. You know what was missing from this little display?

A crowd. Biden appears to be speaking to “a gathering,” not a crowd.

And certainly not a Trump-like crowd.

Not even close.

Portions of this article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some edits have been made.

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