We Just Got Our Hands On Video From 2011 And Buttigieg- It’s A Big Blow To His 2020 Chances

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Pete Buttigieg is facing new scrutiny from his fellow leftwing dems after a 2011 video resurfaced in which he appeared to slam minorities for their lack of education- which really is twisting his words to be fair, but that’s what the radical leftists do.

The clip shows him talking about challenges faced by minority students.

Apparently that is offensive.

The video shows Buttigieg, then a South Bend, Indiana, mayoral candidate, saying that “there are a lot of kids especially from lower-income minority neighborhoods who literally just haven’t seen it work, there isn’t somebody they know personally who testifies to the value of education,” the Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

Check it out:

“Kids” from “lower income, minority neighborhoods” don’t have “someone they know personally who testifies to the value of education.” – Pete Buttigieg, 2011 South Bend Mayoral Candidate

DCNF’s Peter Hasson writes that a writer at The Root called Buttigieg “a lying motherf**ker” in response to the video.

“This is not a misunderstanding. This is not a misstatement. Pete Buttigieg went to the best educational institutions America has to offer and he — more than anyone on the goddamned planet — knows that everything he just said is a baldfaced lie,” Michael Harriot wrote in a Monday article, which was widely shared among left-wing journalists.

The writer said Buttigieg’s answer “proves men like him are more willing to perpetuate the fantastic narrative of negro neighborhoods needing more role models and briefcase-carriers than make the people in power stare into the sun and see the blinding light of racism.”

Wow- so much hate and anger.

“While I obviously think that the characterization of me personally is unfair, I do understand the concern,” Buttigieg, who has consistently struggled with black voters, told a reporter, when asked about the article’s characterization of him.

The article’s popularity led the hashtag “#PeteButtigiegIsALyingMF” to surge into Twitter’s national trending topics.

Ben Shapiro chimed in on Twitter:

“Buttigieg didn’t lie about education; he gave a perspective that’s actually backed by substantial data. But for Democrats, pointing out that educational outcome disparities are not entirely the result of systemic racism is political suicide.”

Don’t get me wrong- I am NOT a Mayor Pete fan by any stretch of the imagination but it is is entertaining to see the leftist morons eating eachother alive and I love it!

What a freaking mess.



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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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