Jim Jordan Exposes Marie Yovanovitch On Key Points That Everyone Missed And It Changes A Lot

(TNS) Rep. Jim Jordan is a national treasure and it’s about time he received credit for the designation.

The Ohio Republican got right to the nub of this entire Obama-Clinton-Ukraine nexus during his questioning of Marie Yovanovitch, whom President Trump dismissed from her role as ambassador to Ukraine in May.

Yovanovitch was Adam Schiff’s “star witness” during Friday’s open impeachment inquiry, which, for some reason, is being conducted by the House Intelligence Committee and not the Judiciary Committee, where such proceedings customarily begin.

In any event, we know from prior reporting that the Obama regime did nothing — nothing — to assist the Ukrainians when Russia stole the Crimea from them and began supplying Ukrainian separatists in the country’s east with weapons. Obama did nothing though under an agreement known as the Budapest Memorandum, the U.S., Britain, and other European countries agreed in the early 1990s to come to Ukraine’s assistance should it need defending after the country agreed to return a Soviet-era stockpile of nuclear weapons to Russia.

We reported last month:

Shortly after Russia took the Crimea, which Vladimir Putin would not have done had he thought for a moment that Obama would live up to that treaty and come to Ukraine’s defense, Joe Biden was on the ground in Ukraine threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid money to Kiev when the government there desperately needed it for self-defense, as Russia-backed forces had launched a civil war in Ukraine’s east, in the Donbas region.

And why did the former VP make the threat? Oh, because a Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating corruption involving a company that was paying his son, Hunter, a boatload of money per month to be a “board member.”

Trump, meanwhile, has been accused by Schiff and the Garbage Party of doing what Biden did — except that Trump is the president who actually provided Ukraine with lethal military aid so Kiev could defend itself against Putin’s aggression.

Trump, in other words, did more to live up to the conditions of the Budapest Memorandum than Obama (and Biden) ever did. In fact, Obama/Biden exploited Ukraine at its most vulnerable moment.

We also know from a January 2017 POLITICO story that the Clinton campaign was involved with Ukrainian government officials in searching for dirt on then-candidate Trump. The Clinton campaign and the DNC helped finance the bogus Fusion GPS Russia dossier, as has also been reported.

More on the Ukraine-Clinton-Obama nexus from John Solomon in May of this year:

In its most detailed account yet, Ukraine’s embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.

In written answers to questions, Ambassador Valeriy Chaly’s office says DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa sought information from the Ukrainian government on Paul Manafort’s dealings inside the country, in hopes of forcing the issue before Congress.

Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign, the ambassador said.

Manafort, as you recall, was eventually targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller and his merry band of Democrat/Clinton donors and convicted for doing something in Ukraine the Obama administration chose not to prosecute him for in 2014.

All of this brings us full-circle to Jordan’s questioning of Yovanovitch on Friday.

Jordan brought up all of this very well-documented evidence of Obama-Clinton-Ukraine interference in the 2016 election on his way to reminding Yovanovitch that, under international agreements, foreign governments are not supposed to interfere in the political and election processes of other countries.

So, given that, what did she do about it? Did she approach the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian officials who were, at the time, openly advocating for Hillary Clinton to become our president?

No, she didn’t. Not one peep of objection.

The question is…why not? Yovanovitch has no response other than a lot of mealy-mouthed diplo-speak.

It was a brilliant line of questioning.


Portions of this article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some edits may have been made.

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