President Trump: “I Think Nancy Pelosi Has Lost Her Mind”

OPINION by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

President Donald Trump says he believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “lost her mind.”

I think we all agree. She’s a complete lunatic.

“I think Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind,” Trump said. “I think, frankly, that she should go home to San Francisco. If you look at what is happening to her district, her district is going to hell. With homeless that they’re not taking care of, with needles all over the streets, with tents, with people, with sanitation, with horrible things being washed into the ocean, into the Pacific Ocean.”

It’s true- San Francisco is no better than many sh*thole countries.

It’s sickening.

People crapping on the streets spreading filth and diseases like crazy!

“Her district has probably gone down more than any district proportionally, in the United States,” Trump added. “And what she has done for that district— then on top of it, you’ve got fires eating away at California every year because management is so bad.”

“The governor doesn’t know,” Trump said. “He is like a child.”

President Trump made the remarks after returning from a trip to New York City on Sunday.

The Political Insider has more:

Has Nancy Pelosi Lost Her Mind?

President Trump makes many good points about the many problems Pelosi’s California district has. There is a significant homeless problem. There is a pollution problem. The wildfires are obviously a major concern.

But what do she and her party focus on above all else? Impeachment.

No real work or progress is happening that might actually better the nation because Democrats have become obsessed with trying to undo the results of the 2016 presidential election. The Left can’t stand the fact that they lost and President Trump beat them, fair and square.

Today, they can’t even think straight. Democrats went on for two years concocting myth after myth about the President supposedly colluding with Russia to win in 2016. They hired the man most believed was the most intelligent and well-equipped to handle the investigation in Robert Mueller.

What did the Mueller Report reveal? That Democrats had heavily invested in a wild conspiracy. The Russian collusion theory was pure bunk.

Now they are trying to make phone call from Trump to Ukraine’s president into something sinister because Democrats Russia ploy failed.

Pelosi is TDS Personified

And who is there, right at the front, leading the charge? Nancy Pelosi, who is so Trump deranged by now that she shouldn’t be trusted with basic judgements, much less with leading the House.

President Trump is 100 percent right that Speaker Pelosi has lost her mind–and it will only get worse from here.

H/T The Political Insider

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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