Opinion| AG Barr Zeroing In On Brennan As Nexus Of Russian Collusion Hoax? Speculation Grows As CIA Analysts ‘Lawyering Up’

By HJIC at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

Opinion| Lawrence David| Those growing disgusted with the interminable delays while waiting for Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report to be released might take some comfort in the knowledge that CIA analysts expecting to be questioned by US Attorney John Durham, are reported to be ‘lawyering’ up.

The most commonly held view is that the delay is the result of the stakeholders identified within the IG Report, who are assumed to be objecting to and toning down the wording, are blocking the release of certain evidence.

However, it’s just as likely that Durham’s scheduled interviews with CIA analysts, who worked closely with former CIA Director John Brennan while he was gathering the ‘evidence’ used to justify the Crossfire Hurricane spying operation against Trump campaign, may be the reason.

The fact that CIA analysts involved in assessing the intelligence surrounding Russia’s activities during the 2016 US election have begun to hire attorneys suggests that they are, at the least, conflicted about what they know and what they are prepared to discuss with prosecutors.

It’s been reported that the CIA is attempting to limit Durham’s access to classified documents that might reveal the true nature and the originating sources of the evidence Brennan used to convince FBI Director James Comey to open the collusion hoax investigation.

Recent evidence gathered by Barr and Durham during trips to Europe and Australia suggest they are honing in on evidence that Brennan enlisted the aid of our Five Eyes partners to illegally spy on Donald Trump and his campaign team.

President Trump seemed to confirm that more than a year ago when he tweeted that ‘key allies’ were asking to keep their involvement with Brennan from becoming public.  Why would that be if they had nothing to hide?

What was once the province of inappropriately labeled “right-wing” and “fake news” reporting appears to be finally coming to light, here and here.

President Trump ultimately did grant the authority to Attorney General William Barr to declassify whatever he deemed necessary to expose the Spygate coup attempt (in my view).

Those declassified documents, documents the CIA has efforted to keep hidden, coupled with the evidence gleaned from Joseph Mifsud’s cell phones, interviews with ItalianBritish, and Australian intelligence officials, have CIA analysts engaging legal representation.

Armed with that new evidence, as well as the overreaction to President Trump’s reference to Crowdstrike and the DNC server during his phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky, Durham has turned his attention to the CIA.

Durham is seeking to learn what evidence CIA analysts were in possession of that supported Brennan’s input into the Joint Analysis Report and, a week later, the Intelligence Community Assessment.

Keep in mind both the JAR and the ICA relied heavily on Brennan’s input. And, both were completely debunked by four independent investigations – the FBI, the special counsel, the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

All of this new evidence may very well explain the delay in Horowitz delaying the release of his report while he processes it and expands the investigation.

This article originally appeared at Illicit Info OPINION Blog and was republished with permission.

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