BREAKING: Mexico Deports Over 300 Indians Illegally In Country

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

 A few days ago we reported that Mexico’s military police halted and turned back a caravan of up to 2,000 migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America, hours after they attempted to head toward the United States in the latest action by their government to crack down on illegal immigration.

Around 500 members of Mexico’s National Guard military police in helmets and tactical vests blocked the highway on both sides, according to a Reuters witness, and some pursued migrants who fled into neighboring fields.

Officials from Mexico’s national immigration institute detained most of the group, putting them on buses back to Tapachula. About 150 migrants decided to return on foot.

Mexico has really stepped it up helping fight the problem of illegal immigration.

Now Mexico announced that it deported over 300 Indian nationals back to their countries.

The INM reports that today at 9:40 p.m. from the Toluca International Airport, a flight to New Delhi, India, departed with 311 people from that country, who did not have a condition of regular stay in the country.

This was carried out, thanks to the excellent communication and coordination with the Embassy of that Asian country, with which the recognition and return of these citizens was worked, under strict adherence to the Migration Law and its Regulations.

Accompanied by Federal Migration Agents, as well as members of the National Guard, foreigners – 310 men and a woman, all of age – return to their country on a Mexico-New Delhi charter flight.

The people were presented to the immigration authority in the states of Oaxaca, Baja California, Veracruz, Chiapas, Sonora, Mexico City, Durango and Tabasco.

The population was concentrated in the Acayucan Migration Station, Veracruz, to carry out their identification and subsequent transfer together to the International Airport of the City of Toluca, from where the Boeing 747 aircraft departed, with the capacity to transport 500 people.

Jason Hopkins at The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that the mass deportation marked the latest move by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration clamp down on illegal immigration — and his administration has developed a much stronger relationship with the White House since the start of the current border crisis.

Much of the cooperation from Mexico comes after their government leaders struck a deal with the Trump administration in June. Faced with the threat of tariffs on their products to the U.S., Mexico agreed to dramatically ramp up enforcement along its borders, and is holding thousands of U.S. asylum seekers.

While Central American families have made up the bulk of illegal immigrants appearing before the southern border, there have been migrants from all across the world traveling through Mexico in hopes of reaching the the U.S.

There have been, for example, notable surges of African and Bangladeshi migrants reported by Border Patrol, and also high rates of migrants from Asia and the Caribbean in recent time.

Arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border fell in September for the fourth month in a row, after record high crossings this Spring, and the Trump administration credited cooperation from Mexico and Central American countries for the sustained drop.


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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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