JUST IN: Hotel/Casino Collapses- 1 Dead, Over A Dozen Injured, Here’s What We Know

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

A tragic accident has occured in downtown New Orleans when a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino building under construction partially collapsed. At least one person has died and reportedly at least 18 others were injured.

FOX News reports that Gov. John Bel Edwards confirmed the fatality to reporters near the scene. Three people were originally unaccounted for, officials said, but by mid-afternoon, one of those individuals was said to have transported themselves to the hospital and was in stable condition.

Of the two other individuals still missing, New Orleans Fire Department Chief Timothy McConnell said  “We believe we know where they are but we are unable to locate them at this time,” adding that search teams used drones to pan the building but were unable to find the individuals.

The chief confirmed that an urban search-and-rescue team was preparing to sweep the building for the two missing people despite fears of an additional crane collapse.

“One they think they can get them safely,” McConnell said adding that the other “we’re not sure” because the area that the person is believed to be trapped is “a very unstable part of the building.”

“We assume they are alive,” McConnell said.

“This remains a very fluid and dangerous situation and every few minutes something is falling,” Edwards said, warning people to stay away from the area.

The fire department ordered the evacuation of nearby buildings.

“It sounded like a — I don’t know how to describe it — like a building coming down,” said Matt Worges, according to Nola.com. He witnessed the collapse from a Tulane School of Public Health classroom in a nearby building.



Our thoughts and prayers go out to the vicims, family and friends.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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