Susan Rice Makes Appearance On MSM Show- Obama And Libs Are So Desperate That They Are Lying Blatantly Live On National Television


It should be clear: It was Obama and Biden who threatened Ukrainian security when it was under attack by Russia (Video)

(NationalSentinel) When the Garbage Party trots out former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice to defend the previous administration, you know they’re getting desperate.

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that Rice worked for the most demonstrably lawless, unconstitutional, corrupt a-hole to ever hold the presidency.

But Rice, you recall, lied her butt off — unchallenged — on network after network following Hillary’s Benghazi disaster which cost four good men their lives: Ambassador Chris Stevens and special ops pros Tyrone S. Woods, Glenn Doherty, and Sean Smith.

Now these dirt-bags have trotted her out to try to defend Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine, and of course, the Garbage Party’s propaganda media laps up her bull like cake frosting.


Every single thing Rice just said was complete bull. President Trump hasn’t done a thing wrong; he is the one trying to get to the bottom of corruption.

Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine are a matter of public record, and it doesn’t matter how many times dirtbag Democrats say the Bidens didn’t do anything wrong, they did.

But the most important aspect of Rice’s interview was left unsaid.

One of the narratives the Garbage Party and the disgusting clowns in the media are attempting to push is that Trump “threatened” to withhold military equipment from Ukraine until President Zelensky gave him “dirt” on Biden.

The transcript of Trump’s call, which the White House released much to the surprise of the Left, proves Trump never threatened that, never mentioned that, and never implied that. And in fact, the military aid was delivered.

And in fact, Trump’s State Department just approved more lethal aid for Ukraine.

Obama never approved “lethal” aid for Ukraine. What’s more, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine at a time when that country was dealing with a Russian takeover of its Crimean peninsula as well as Russia-backed rebels in the country’s east.

So in other words — again — we see that Obama and Biden did exactly what they have accused Trump of doing: Withholding precious, vital aid to Ukraine at a time when that country was literally under attack.

These people are trash. They are involving in a coup attempt against Trump. It’s time someone indicted them and made them pay.

In the end the truth shall prevail.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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