Dems Impeachment Desperation Backfires, Trump Sees Record RNC Fund Haul Of $125,000,000


By HJIC at ILLICIT INFO Opinion Blog

Opinion| Kirsters Baish| For the life of me I can not figure out what the Democrats are thinking.

Do they not understand that, unless they can prove to the nation that Trump has committed a serious crime, the American people will view this as a coup?

Do they not understand that because they have cried wolf allday, every day, since even before Trump was elected, that no one, who is not a to the death Democrat, buys their narratives anymore?

Do they not understand that despite Trump doing some distatefull things from time to time, their over reactions to his actions, and race to the left & authoritarian socialism (which is almost, if not acutally communism, IMHO) is not going to resonate with the majority of Americans?

I still trust America, and believe that the vast majority of Americans still value the ideals of the founders: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness (free from government interference.)

According to, “A burst of fundraising is the positive consequence Pelosi likely did not anticipate while leading the impeachment brigade. Trump and the Republican National Committee announced ‘they had raised $125 million in reelection funds during the third quarter, a presidential fundraising record.’”

The National Review reported that “The figure passed the $105 million that the campaign raised in the second quarter and brought the total haul to over $308 million for 2019.”

Comparing this to former President Barack Obama in 2011, who “managed just over $70 million for the third quarter in the buildup to his reelection campaign,” this is a huge win.

According to, “Third-quarter fundraising numbers for some Democratic candidates are:
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont with the lead of $25.3 million (whoo just had heart surgey, don’t expect to see him on the trail much, if at all going forward), followed by Pete Buttigieg with $19.1 million (sorry, not winning) and Senator Kamala Harris of California with $11.6 million (lol, no). Joe Biden (not happening Joe, sorry.  but hey, maybe you will get a term or two … in prison)  and Senator Elizabeth Warren (I would lay odds she is the nominee, which would be a gift from God himself, for Trump) , ‘currently the two frontrunners for the nomination, have yet to reveal their figures.’”

Via Politico:

The haul underscores the strength of a Trump fundraising apparatus, which has capitalized on the grievances of his supporters to bring in an avalanche of cash. The reelection effort, for example, has developed a merchandising operation that churns out items like plastic straws and T-shirts poking fun at Trump antagonist Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

And Trump’s fundraising machine got a boost in recent days as House Democrats endorsed an impeachment inquiry. It brought in $8.5 million dollars online in the two days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formalized the impeachment push. Since last week, the reelection campaign has sent out millions of emails and texts asking small-dollar donors to help fight back. The campaign said it had attracted 50,000 new givers in the same 48 hours.

The party’s cash-on-hand total is particularly substantial: Republicans pointed out that the $156 million figure is more than twice as much as former President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee had at the same point before the 2012 election.

The RNC has consistently outraised the DNC by large margins this year, and the GOP committee had $53.8 million on hand at the end of August, compared with the DNC’s $8.2 million. Four Democratic presidential candidates have released third-quarter fundraising numbers so far: Bernie Sanders ($25.3 million), Pete Buttigieg ($19.1 million), Kamala Harris ($11.6 million), and Cory Booker ($6 million).

Not to let the cat out of the bag here but, here’s the big secret Dems: The reason Trump is winning, despite him not giving 2 *****, and saying whatever he pleases, is because of your reaction that Trump is still standing, and growing stronger each day, hence the 125 large the RNC just pulled in.  If Trump does something that the average person things is distasteful, let’s say 3 of 10, the Democrats react, OVERreact, so badly (10-1,000 of 10) that Trump always seems like a better choice.

Here is the bottom line: I do not always agree with Trump, but I do always believe he is doing what is in AMERICA’S BEST INTEREST, whereas I believe the rest of Washington, with a handful of exceptions, is doing what the people who paid to get them there demand they do.  Period, full stop.

This article originally appeared at ILLICIT INFO Opinion Blog and was republished with permission.

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God Bless.

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