We Just Found Out Who Is Behind The Gun Control Agenda And It’s Disgusting


A massively funded strategy company that operates below the radar to push the interests of wealthy leftist donors quietly helps lead a funding nexus that advocates for gun control policies, Breitbart/CAPITAL RESEARCH CENTER reports.

The secretive Arabella Advisors is a centralized hub that runs nonprofit arms that in turn have spawned a nexus of hundreds of front organizations outwardly designed to appear grassroots but actually working against ordinary people by expanding government control in the lives of Americans.

 Capital Research Center

The political Left often criticizes—and the mainstream media frequently report on—the network of center-right nonprofits funded by billionaire entrepreneurs Charles and David Koch. But few politicos know of a left-wing leviathan in Washington, D.C., with a reach rivaling that of the Koch network. Between 2013 and 2017, the Arabella network received a staggering $1.6 billion in contributions to advance its donors’ agendas through dozens of “pop-up” groups and “astroturf ” initiatives.

The Arabella firm in turn manages four nonprofits: the New Venture FundSixteen Thirty FundWindward Fund, and Hopewell Fund. These nonprofit entities play host to hundreds of groups and projects that promote interests and political movements strategically deployed in a long-term campaign to nudge the country to the left.

Capital Research’s Center’s report spotlights the Hope and Heal Fund, a donor collaborative based in California that itself serves as a central funding hub tied to scores of other donor groups that finance other groups that advocate federal gun control measures.

The Hope and Heal Fund is sponsored by Arabella’s New Venture Fund. It is led by Brian Malte, a longtime senior national policy director for the gun control advocacy group Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The Hope and Heal Fund’s website lists 12 other “member” groups, most of which themselves fund large numbers of individual gun control organizations.

Hope and Heal’s funding collaborative members include:

  • The Akonadi Foundation, whose website says the organization engages in “ecosystem grantmaking” that “recognize(s) how history and culture have allowed the privileges associated with ‘whiteness’ and the disadvantages associated with ‘color’ to endure, adapt, and accumulate over time.”
  • The Heising-Simons Foundation, which finances scores of far-left organizations.
  • The Weingart Foundation, which boasts it works to “provide unrestricted funding to organizations advancing racial, social and economic equity.”
  • The California Wellness Foundation, which has awarded over $1 billion in grants since 1992 and focuses in part on “gun violence prevention.”

Hope and Heal Fund itself was launched in October 2017 with $2 million from eight far-left funding groups, including the Akonadi Foundation, the California Endowment, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and California Wellness Foundation, Capital Research’s report documents.  The Capital Research Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As America’s investigative think tank, CRC connects the dots between the philanthropic sector and the organizations that influence public policy. We receive no government funding and perform no contract work.

Arabella Advisors (commonly called “Arabella”) is a philanthropic consulting company that guides the strategy, advocacy, impact investing, and management for high-dollar left-leaning nonprofits and individuals.

Arabella provides these clients with a number of services that ease their operations and that enable them to enact policies focused on environmentalism and other left-of-center issues.  The company was founded in 2005 by Eric Kessler, a Clinton administration alumnus and long-time staffer at the League of Conservation Voters who remains a senior managing partner at the firm.

Read the full Arabella report here.

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