Inspector General Crushes Democrat’s Impeachment Dreams, Finds That Anti-Trump Whistleblower Favors President’s Rival Candidate – [OP ED]

By HJIC at Illicit Info Opinion Blog

Opinion Editorial| The Inspector General has reported that the alleged whistleblower has a political bias against President Donald Trump in favor of a rival candidate.

On Tuesday evening, Fox News personality Ed Henry made the announcement.

It’s beginning to look more and more like the whole thing is a ploy to take down President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, “A senior Trump administration official told Fox News late Tuesday that the administration will release a document showing the intelligence community inspector general found the whistleblower who leveled an explosive accusation against President Trump concerning his talks with Ukraine had ‘political bias’ in favor of ‘a rival candidate’ of the president. The official did not identify the name of the rival candidate.”

On another note, a senior member of the Trump White House told the network that the President’s administration has been working overtime in order to reveal the whistleblower complaint. Fox explains that “the news came just hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment inquiry by alleging that the administration was hiding the complaint. Other top Democrats had previously said such an inquiry was already underway.”

The White House official told the network that the President and his people didn’t have anything to hide.

Fox further reports:

A source familiar with the matter told Fox News this week that the whistleblower had no firsthand knowledge of Trump’s July call with Zelensky. Trump vowed earlier Tuesday to release a “complete” transcript of the call by Wednesday.

One of the biggest questions is whether House Democrats’ formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump will backfire. Democrats have suggested Trump, in his call with Zelensky, tried to convince the Ukraine government into investigating potential 2020 presidential election opponent Joe Biden, his son Hunter and the Biden family’s business dealings. The president, Democrats have suggested, had $400 million in aid to Ukraine frozen to pressure officials into pursuing the Biden investigation. The Trump administration says the decision to freeze funding came more than a week before his call with Zelensky and that it was based on concerns about broader Ukraine corruption.

Take a look at the following clip provided by Hannity:

Will the Democrats’ ploy to destroy Donald Trump backfire? We will just have to wait and see.

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God Bless.

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