Mark Levin TRASHES Senate GOP After What They Are Not Doing To Help Trump

Mark Levin BLASTS Senate GOP for doing NOTHING to defend Trump and highlight Biden’s corruption (EPIC rant video)

(NationalSentinel) Did you know that Republicans actually control the U.S. Senate? They do — only, no one can tell because they aren’t doing anything to defend the president of the United States, who is under continual assault from the Democrat Left.

The latest fake scandal is another attempt to depose President Trump and it’s currently underway.

Lying Democrats and their sycophant media allies are attempting to deflect attention away from the idiot Joe Biden, who abused his power as VP to threaten Ukraine in order to save his son’s lucrative business deal, by accusing the president of an “impeachable” offense for asking Kiev to look into Biden’s interference.

Biden friggin’ admitted in a Council on Foreign Relations seminar he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to the Ukrainians if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into corruption involving a gas company where Hunter Biden sat as a board member.

Conservative talker Mark Levin is livid. He’s asking the right question: Where the hell are Senate Republicans?

They control the Intelligence Committee. They control the Judiciary Committee. But while lunatics in the Democrat-controlled House issue crazy subpoenas targeting the president, his family, and his administration, Senate GOP leaders aren’t doing a damned thing to call out Democrat and Left-wing corruption.

Why the hell not? What is Lindsey Graham and Co. waiting for?


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