CNN Reporter Makes Game Changing Discovery In Minnesota, Sees Massive Shift Among Minnesota Democrats Who Now Support Trump

By HJIC at Illicit Info Opinion Blog

Opinion Patriot, The Elder – When CNN reports that President Trump is now favored to win Minnesota – the bluest of blue states – you know the polls showing mentally challenged Joe Biden and socialist Democrats leading in national polls are flat out fabrications.

Minnesota so reliably votes Democrat that when Ronald Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states in 1984, it was the only state that he didn’t win.

CNN reporter Martin Savage traveled to Minnesota and delivered this video report:

WATCH– You are going to love this!

Oh yeah, you gotta love it!

This is a look at the desk of Eveleth mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich:

“He’s got a Trump sticker on his desk, a Christmas card from the president on his bulletin board, and the deer on his office wall sports a MAGA hat.”

Mayor Vlaisavljevich explains that when Trump rebuilt America’s steel industry he also revitalized Eveleth’s economy.  An economy that, like so many other mining dependent communities, was left to rot under Democrat policies.

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is a controversial figure in the rural regions of the state:

Mayor VlaisavljevichShe offends a lot of people.

The newly minted Trump voters are saying they didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left them.

In 2016, Trump barely lost Minnesota with nothing but promises to support his candidacy.

Today, he has results to bolster his candidacy.

Cindy Rugeley (Minnesota Duluth Political Science Professor): “I don’t think, by any means, this is the lockdown Democratic state that it used to be.”

Hell yeah! How awesome was that?

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God Bless.

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