Cali Democrat Gov Newsom Smacked Down HARD By Trump & His Team Of Lawyers After Judge Issues Injunction Against Law Targeted At Keeping POTUS Off The Ballot


Opinion Editorial By Our Star Writer – Federal Judge Morrison C. England, Jr., issued a temporary injunction against a new California law that was written to force President Trump to release his tax returns.

On July 11, 2019, California’s legislators passed SB-27 with an “urgency clause” making the bill effective immediately upon the governor affixing his signature to it.  Gov. Newsom signed the bill almost immediately upon it reaching his desk.

At the time Republican lawmakers argued that the move was unconstitutional but that didn’t deter the heavily Democratic politically motivated legislature from passing the bill by a 57-17 vote.

Now, a federal judge has agreed with those Republican lawmakers, at least temporarily, after hearing arguments from the president’s lawyers.

President Trump’s attorneys argued that the law was unconstitutional because the federal government has jurisdiction over requirements for candidates running for president.

Jay Sekulow (Trump attorney): “We are encouraged that the federal court has tentatively concluded that a preliminary injunction should be granted. We look forward to the court’s written order. It remains our position that the law is unconstitutional because states are not permitted to add additional requirements for candidates for president, and that the law violated citizens’ 1st Amendment right of association.” 

Expect this decision, and every subsequent decision that follows, to go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Here’s why.

First, the extended arguments to release Trump’s tax returns is red meat for the radical left’s base, who still think that if they investigate just a little longer they’ll find the evidence to prove Trump really, really, did collude with Russia.

Second, Gavin Newsom is virtually untouchable in California that operates as a one-party state.   That makes him virtually politically bulletproof.

And, Newsom is related to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

From where I sit Pelosi appears to be the leader of the multinational corporate cabal’s political power representation in D.C.  From her position as House leader, she has been blocking votes on President Trump’s pro-America agenda to prevent him from gaining anymore political wins before 2020.

This has included blocking border wall funding and refusing to put passage of the USMCA trade agreement up for a vote.  According to polls, both the border wall and the USMCA have the overwhelming support of voters.

Both have also been aggressively opposed by, what has become known by many as the Globalist cabal – Wall Street, multinational corporations, international bankers, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, and foreign governments that have grown fat through the exfiltration of America’s wealth.

Two world leaders whose countries have been major beneficiaries of Obama-era global economic policies, and supported by Pelosi, are XI Jinping (massive relocation of our manufacturing base to China) and Vladimir Putin (Uranium One, Skolkovo, Ukraine, etc).

Both Xi and Putin are totalitarians who tell election officials who is allowed to run against them.  Now, it appears to me that Pelosi is leveraging her relationship with her nephew to do the same thing.

This article originally appeared at ILLICIT INFO and was republished with permission.

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God Bless.

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