Cory Lewandowski Puts Sheila Jackson Lee in Her Place During ‘Impeachment’ Hearing [Watch]

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

During an “impeachment” hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee former Trump aide Cory Lewandowski put Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in her place.

Watch the whole hilarious thing:

YouTube video courtesy of The Federalist Papers Project


Partial transcript:

JACKSON LEE: “… whether the president told you he called his counsel at home on Saturday to remove on a Saturday the special counsel and his counsel said no. The president called sessions at home and asked him to unrecuse himself and oversee the special counsel’s investigation and sessions said no. When the president asked you to deliver his message to sessions, did the president tell you that sessions had already said no, volume 2, page 107?”

LEWANDOWSKI: “Again, I recognize that the privilege is not mine, but I’ve been asked — I’d be happy to answer your question, or you can have a conversation by yourself.”

JACKSON LEE: “I’m going to continue. The reason —“

LEWANDOWSKI: “Don’t ask me a question —“

JACKSON LEE: “This is a House Judiciary not a house party.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “If you ask me a question, give me an opportunity to answer the question.”

JACKSON LEE: “I would like my time restored please of his interruption. So he was a witness to the special counsel’s investigation, for that reason, sessions said publicly that federal law prohibited his involvement in the special counsel investigation. You can read this on the screen. Yes or no, did the president tell you that the Attorney general was not allowed to take any part in the special counsel’s investigation when he asked you to deliver him a note about that very investigation? Did the president tell you that?”

LEWANDOWSKI: “What you’ve read is not on the screen, congresswoman.”

JACKSON LEE: “You need to look at the screen.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “There it is.”

JACKSON LEE: “Yes or no, read the screen?”

LEWANDOWSKI: “You’re welcome to read it, congresswoman.”

JACKSON LEE: “You’re welcome to be stalling. You answer the question, your honor — yes or no.”

JACKSON LEE: “That you can answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’”

LEWANDOWSKI: “I will not disclose any conversation.”

JACKSON LEE: “You are obviously here to block any reasonable inquiry into the truth or not of this administration. The White House counsel, quote, shortly after sessions announced his recusal directed that sessions should not be contacted about the special counsel investigation. In fact, the White House counsel note states no contact with sessions and no communications serious about obstruction. Can you read that. I just said it. Did you hear me?”

LEWANDOWSKI: “Yes. Is there a question?”

JACKSON LEE: “Yes. Did the president tell you his White House counsel told him no contact with sessions because of serious concerns of obstruction when he asked you to deliver a message to sessions.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “I am respecting the privilege of confidentiality and I will recognize at this time —“

JACKSON LEE: “Let me say that you knew — you know the president was putting you at risk when he asked you to deliver a message to the Attorney General. I want to be very clear. The president knew what he was doing was wrong because everyone else had already said no. He called his White House counsel to fire the special counsel, McGahn said no. He called the Attorney general to ask him to unrecuse himself from the special counsel’s investigation, sessions said no. His White House counsel said there should be no contact with sessions because of his recusal. What does the president do? He calls you in to do what everyone else wouldn’t do. He called you in to do his dirty work in secret. Because he was wrong. We will expose the truth.”

CHAIRMAN: “The time —“

JACKSON LEE: “You should be —“

CHAIRMAN: “The time has expired.”

JACKSON LEE: “The truth will set you free and the American people, I yield back.”

CHAIRMAN: “The time of the gentle lady has expired. The witness may answer the question.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “I don’t believe there was a question, congressman.”

CHAIRMAN: “Very well.””

JACKSON LEE: “Yes, there was.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “Could you repeat the question I didn’t hear it?”

JACKSON LEE: “I’d be happy to repeat the question.”

LEWANDOWSKI: “It’s just a rant.”

JACKSON LEE: “The gentle lady’s time has expired.”



This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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