Watch: Watters Mops The Floor With Scaramucci After He Turns On POTUS: “You’re Getting Used”


By HJIC at Illicit Info

Speculation, Analysis and Opinion From The One And Only, Kirsters Baish| Fox News host Jesse Watters sat down with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci this week to confront him about his sudden turn against President Donald Trump. Watters stated that the media is using Scaramucci to add fuel to the fire in the media’s negative representation of the Trump administration.

During the interview, which aired on Saturday, the Fox News host constantly stated that he was “worried” about his guest, who had previously defended the President, could “completely do a 180.”

Scaramucci answered by trying to claim that the President had turned on him first.

He claimed that it started with an August 9th appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show. While on the show, he stated that the President had done “certain things” that “are absolutely indefensible,” calling on Trump’s comments about four non-white congresswomen.

“The very next day he attacked me. Then, he went after my wife,” Scaramucci stated, calling Trump a “fascist” for attacking a private citizen by taking advantage of his “political power.”

The President did go after Scaramucci later in the month. Trump stated that his “communications director of 11 days abused his staff, and made some unflattering assertions about Scaramucci’s marriage to Deidre Ball,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reports:

Watters, who recently got engaged to Emma DiGiovine after getting divorced from his first wife earlier this year, said “obviously” an individual would get upset if their wife was attacked. But he said Trump is “not a fascist and you know better than that.”

Speaking over one another, Watters told Scaramucci, “I think you’re getting used by the media,” after which Scaramucci told Watters he is “in the tank for Trump.”

Watters denied this was true, countering, “I think that you now have changed because the president has always been like this.”

Scaramucci assured Watters that he has not changed and accused Trump of moving “the goal posts in the last six weeks from crazy to full-blown crazy.”

Could this possibly have anything to do with the allegations that Trump’s actions cost the Mooch a $180,000,000 deal in China?

I’m guessing that is part of the REAL story …but hey,

That’s none of my business ????

Take a look:

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God Bless.

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