House Dems, Lead By Nadler, Seek To Seize Power Of Judicial Branch In Tyrannical Power Consolidation Via “Oversight” [Opinion]



(Daily News) House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler demanded a trove of records Tuesday from Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. Bush administration that Trump critics suspect could contain damaging and even incriminating information about the Supreme Court justice.

Nadler, who pledged in October 2018 that he would launch an investigation into Kavanaugh’s “whitewashed” Senate confirmation if Democrats won back control of the lower chamber in the midterms, said in a letter to the National Archives that he wants access to the records — which date from the high court justice’s 2001-2006 stretch in the Bush White House — in order to pick up where the Senate Judiciary Committee left off.

Elder Patriot’s Opinion, Speculation, Take on The Day’s News  – The magnitude of House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s latest inquest cannot be overstated.  It is a major assault on the Constitution’s separation of powers provisions.

The separation of powers limits any one branch from exercising the core functions over another by dividing the responsibilities of government into distinct branches.

The intention is to prevent the concentration of unchecked power by providing for “checks” and “balances” to avoid autocracy and overreaching by one branch over another.

Nadler, however, is using his position as head of the powerful Judiciary Committee to ride roughshod over both the presidency and now the Supreme Court.

There’s a reason that sitting presidents can’t be indicted.  That’s to prevent the other branches of government from handcuffing his ability to govern.

If the president’s opponents believe he or she is guilty of a crime requiring removal from office, they must bring impeachment proceedings.  That requires making the case not only to other legislators, but also to the American people.

There’s also a reason that the Senate conducts an arduous confirmation process before voting on Supreme Court nominees, and that their appointment is then for life.

Justices, once approved, must be independent and absent outside pressures that can influence their deliberations.  Again, only an impeachment can remove a justice once he’s been seated.

Nadler, appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi for precisely this purpose, is turning our Constitution on its head.  This despicable troll is beginning investigations without probable cause, and in the process violating every American’s Fourth Amendment Rights.

Keep in mind that Nadle was elected by constituents in one of 435 Congressional Districts.  President Trump is the only person in Washington to have been approved by a majority of all Americans.

And, Kavanaugh was confirmed by a majority of Senators representing all fifty states.

Nadler is essentially seizing power that the Framers never granted to 1/435th of one House of Congress…

Nadler is abusing his office in a manner reminiscent of the East German Stasi or the Soviet KGB where political opponents are eliminated on bogus charges.

It’s hard to consider that Democrats remain a legitimate political party efforting to protect your freedoms once you realize what powerful politicians like Nadler are laying the foundation to do to you if you stood in their way.

Evidence continues to mount that when Dems can’t win on their ideas at the ballot box, they seek to co-opt power through coercion, threats, constitutional chicanery, election tampering, fear, the corruption of the courts, and conducting witch-hunts of their enemies. – This was an OPINION piece by Elder Patriot.

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God Bless.

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