Eric Swalwell Mocks Texans In Deplorable Tweet After Shooting Killed 7


Former Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell (D-CA) mocked good guys with guns who did not stop the alleged Midland shooter as he went on his rampage, Breitbart reports.

“Big shout out to all the civilian “good guys with guns” who saved lives in Odessa. You know who you are. Thanks a million. *btw, Texas IS an open carry state.”

Swalwell mocked armed good guys via Twitter, writing:

Swalwell has a serious hate of firearms and he lashes out on twitter every chance he gets, he also has jumped into the deep end of the pool with the rest of the extreme democrats that desire to abolish the Second Amendment and your freedoms.  Swallwell and the rest of the democrats find these tragedies “funny” because they give him and his communist friends an excuse to disarm an unsuspecting public.

Swalwell made sure to point out that Texas is an open carry handgun state, but he did not point out that it was the 45th state in the Union to adopt such a policy. On August 22, 2014, the Wall Street Journal posted a map showing open carry was allowable in 44 states. Some of those states require a permit for open carry, but the vast majority honor permitless open carry.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation in 2015 making Texas the 45th open carry state.

Swalwell also failed to point out that it was a good guy with a gun who stopped the November 5, 2017, Sutherland Springs, Texas, church shooting, and that good guy used an AR-15.

This is clearly an attempt to slander and flip the motto, “a good guy with a gun” so they can destroy critical thinking.  In other words, the very bases that a good person that is armed will stop an evil person who is attempting to hurt or injure another.  Folks, that is called a “Psyop” and that is what the democrats have been doing for ages, it seems now they are getting far dirtier with their tactics as they no longer hide that their desire is to completely disarm America.

H.R.8 is designed to do exactly that, it is the weak link in the armor that will allow the democrats to destroy the second amendment.

ERPOs open up a Pandora’s Box of ways for cunning lawyers and conniving family members to exploit gun owners.

Red flag ERPO bills have been written so broadly on two fronts that in some instances, people are given near-endless possibilities by which to use the legal system to persecute gun owners.

Some ERPO bills restrict those who can report “high risk” individuals to family and law-enforcement, whereas some laws would expand the list to allow just about anybody to accuse.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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God Bless.

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