President Trump Goes Right Over FBI Dir Wray’s Head & Orders Declassification Via Brand New “Office Of Transparency” To Expedite Declass


By HJIC at Illicit Info

Speculation, Analysis, and Some Opinion From K Baish| The Hill’s very own, world class, fearless, investigative journalist, John Solomon, revealed some terrific news for transparency fans during an appearance this Wednesday evening on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

John Solomon stated that the Trump White House is in the stages of creating an “Office of Transparency” in order to expedite the release of Justice Department documents which were previously stalled over and over again by Deep State operatives.

The news of the “Office of Transparency” comes in the wake of months of “waiting for subpoenaed documents from the FBI and Director Christopher Wray who has done all he can to stall and protect Hillary Clinton and the Deep State cabal,” alleged the Gateway Pundit.

Many on the right, including ourselves here at Illicit Info, believe that the FBI Director that Trump appointed, Christopher Wray, has shown himself to be more concerned with keeping the sins of the past administration under the rug than he has been interested in telling his bosses, The American People, the GD TRUTH.

Take a look at the following clip from Hannity:

The Daily Beast reported on subpoenas issued to the DOJ and FBI:

The House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to the Justice Department and the FBI for documents relating to the dossier that outlined alleged connections between President Trump and Russia. Additional subpoenas were reportedly sent on Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The witnesses have not been produced and the documents have not been produced,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a member of the committee, adding that letters to both the FBI and DOJ were ignored. During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the committee’s ranking member, confirmed that the committee issued the subpoenas but said the move was “uncalled for” because there was no “written request” for the documents before the subpoenas were issued.

“What we should be most concerned about is whether those sources of information in the report are true, not in discrediting the author of that report,” Schiff said.

As new details emerge on the Trump administration’s “Office of Transparency,” we will continue to update.

If I were a betting person, which I am not, I would bet that Trump uses these documents as his ammo for 2020.

I would not be surprised to see this new office releasing docs leading up to 2020 the way Wikileaks did in 2016.

Just thinking about it makes me chuckle, knowing how much this must terrify and infuriate the other side.

Do you think we will ever learn the extent of the crimes committed by the previous adim in their effort to derail Trump in his quest for the highest office in the land?  Let us know on, the Social Network for Free People.

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God Bless.

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