John Solomon Goes On Hannity & Exposes What Comey Doesn’t Want Us To Know Following Release of I.G. Report: Today is the Ultimate Vindication of President Trump’s Decision to Fire His Butt


Analysis, Speculation and Opinion by Elder Patriot – John Solomon joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night to discuss the 83-page Inspector General’s Report that was released yesterday.

Partial transcript:

Solomon“…today is the ultimate vindication of the decision by the Trump Justice Department and President Trump to fire James Comey… he was incapable of following his own agency’s rules [and] his own employment contract.

“This report paints a devastating picture.  He took, stole, removed secret documents, sensitive documents from the FBI… he gave them to his lawyers.  One of those were classified when he gave them to the lawyers.

“He authorized a leak…

“I can’t remember another time in my thirty years of covering the FBI that I saw an FBI director referred for prosecution and called a detriment to his agency…

“It was a very bad day for James Comey”

The I.G. report summarized the results of an investigation focused solely on Comey’s mishandling of a series of memos that he wrote while the director of the FBI.

Yesterday’s report has been characterized as the tip of the iceberg compared to the much more serious and comprehensive FISA abuse investigation that initially took place under Comey while he was FBI director.

Realize what that means.  Inspector General Michael Horowitz found so much evidence of Comey’s wrongdoing that he thought it necessary to spin off a separate report and to make an unprecedented (for an FBI director) criminal referral in his conclusion.

The I.G.’s FISA abuse investigation is believed to have been concluded and the report is expected to be released within the next few weeks.

Sean turned Solomon’s attention to the upcoming report.

Solomon“I’ve been told there’s a preponderance of evidence that all four of the FISA warrants were deeply flawed.

“That the representations of information being verified were not and that they learned a lot of information from Christopher Steele about what the FBI knew about the flaws.

“That may be the headline of that report, that Christopher Steele made the case for the FBI that they knew what they were doing was wrong and yet no one stepped in the way of it.

More to come!

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God Bless.

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