DNC Officials PANIC: “Trump Beating Us On ALL Fronts”

DNC officials panic: ‘Trump is beating us on ALL fronts’ in swing states important to 2020 victory

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) As 2020 Democratic presidential contenders continue to beat each other, the Democratic National Committee and its membership are becoming increasingly exasperated with the party’s inability to connect with swing voters in swing states.

Specifically, outreach efforts towards various non-traditional ethnic groups is lagging, even while President Donald Trump is making inroads into those communities while building a massive war chest and outspending his Democratic rivals.

Officials talked to The Daily Beast about their concerns — namely, they believe Trump is beating them on all fronts as the 2020 race heats up:

Jim Zogby, who co-chairs the DNC’s ethnic counsel, a group that represents people across different ethnic, racial, national origin, and religious identities, says he has been pushing Perez and other party leaders to expand its outreach to voters in the same areas that Trump successfully captured: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and—a Democratic sore spot in post-2016 politics—Wisconsin. 

But that outreach to the committee has fallen on deaf ears.

“In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, if we do events in those states that focuses on everyone else but them, that breeds resentment,” Zogby said. “That’s why [former Vice President Joe] Biden and [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders I-VT] do well, because they talk to those folks.”

Zogby was specifically referencing voters from Irish, Italian, Polish, Eastern Central European, Arab, and Armenian-American communities highly concentrated in the Midwest.

“I am frustrated beyond belief at the sheer neglect of the constituencies I represent,” he added. 

Zogby’s chief concern—raised by several other current DNC members who spoke with The Daily Beast—is that the Trump campaign is already reaching swing voters while the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly focused on expanding their existing base. […]

“Donald Trump is in general election mode while we’re still in primary mode. We see it in Ohio,” David Pepper, who chairs the state’s Democratic Party said. “He’s absolutely carpet-bombing Ohio online. We’re doing our best to respond.” […]

…a DNC official directly familiar with battleground states’ efforts suggested all the messaging hasn’t trickled down to much action on the ground level yet. 

“There’s some deep concerns brewing under the surface. Nothing that’s spilled into the public yet,” the member said. “Where’s all the support? They keep talking about the calories coming. People generally are feeling Trump is beating us on all fronts right now.”

The national party’s fundraising woes continue to present a problem when up against the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign’s significant advantage, multiple members said.

“The DNC is cash-strapped right now,” one member said plainly. 

In June, the Republican National Committee more than doubled the DNC’s fundraising haul, totaling $20.7 million to $8.5 million, respectively.

Trump narrowly won in some of the “blue wall” states, but political analysts think that may have partly been because he was an unknown quantity the first time around — and Hillary Clinton didn’t bother to even visit states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania because her campaign believed they had those states wrapped up.

Now, flush with cash, the RNC is beating the DNC to the swing districts with on-target messaging that aims to highlight the president’s known quantities — the economy, bringing jobs back from overseas, his focus on improving trade agreements for the United States, a strong defense, and improving border security, all of which are winners according to most legitimate polling.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Democrats see POTUS continue packing venues in these swing states and districts, a la 2016, meaning there is no shortage of enthusiasm for him or his presidency.

Nothing in politics is a given, however, so clearly the president must continue his full-court press because eventually the Democrats will pick a candidate and the party’s voter base will coalesce around him or her.

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